What is eConsult?

eConsult is a new online service where you can get information on your health concerns and interact with your medical centre team.
It is being rolled out to patients in Sennelager, SHAPE and Brussels.

What can eConsult help me with?

- Self-care advice
- Pharmacy services e.g. prescriptions - Requests for medical paperwork
- Requests for services such as appointments and immunisations
- Avoiding unnecessary trips to the medical centre

The eConsult system will also determine if urgent help is needed and suggest how to seek urgent medical assistance if appropriate.

When is eConsult being rolled out?

eConsult is now live for SHAPE, Brussels and Sennelager. https://www.patient-wise.de/econsult-launch/ gives details about how to actually contact the medical centre using eConsult.  There is also a useful video on that page. 

How will I access eConsult?

eConsult will be available online from any device and at any time of day. It can be accessed by selecting your site at:


Once on the site, you fill in an online form and submit. You will receive a copy via email.
The system submits the form to the medical centre where it is reviewed by our staff, who will respond accordingly.

How quickly will I see a response?

The medical centre will aim to respond to requests by the end of the next working day. The medical centre may respond in a variety of ways, based on information provided or the urgency of the condition:

  • If appropriate, an appointment with a clinician may be offered.
  • You may receive a phone call from a clinician, because a face-to-face appointment may not be needed to resolve the issue.
  • You may be directed towards the appro- priate self-help advice.
  • Please be aware—timings given will be in GMT (UK time) We believe that eConsult will allow us to offer more convenient access to information and advice. It will allow us to prioritise patients who need more urgent care, or need to be seen face-to-face.

Why are we using eConsult?

The eConsult service is secure and completely confidential. It is the leading online consulta- tion provider across the UK, used in many NHS GP services. Information that you put into your online form on eConsult is handled by medical centre staff in the same way as all other confi- dential medical information.

We believe that eConsult will allow us to offer more convenient access to information and advice. It will allow us to prioritise patients who need more urgent care, or need to be seen face-to-face.

What Do I Need to Do Before Using eConsult?

You will need to know the name of your medical centre. You don’t need any special equipment, you can use eConsult using your smartphone or laptop.

You should use a UK postcode when entering your location. You can use the UK BFPO postcode (HA4 6DQ) for this purpose if needed.

How will I benefit from using eConsult?

  • eConsult allows you to seek advice from the medical centre or help manage your own condition at all hours of the day, from any location.
  • The service will make interacting with the medical centre more convenient.
    You may not have to come into the centre to get help. This could avoid leave from work or the discomfort of an unnecessary journey.
  • If the problem can be treated without an appointment, it can save a trip to the medi- cal centre. Instead a clinician may call to dis- cuss the next steps or arrange for tests be- fore a face-to-face appointment.

Can I still visit the medical centre or see a doctor if I want to?

What else is changing? Your medical centre team is still here for you, and still delivering the same excellent stand- ard of care to all of our patients. The medi- cal centre phone numbers are staying the same, so you can still call us if you want to. You can still give us feedback in the same way, using the patient survey and traffic light slips in the medical centre, and all of our pa- tient will continue to benefit from short waiting times.

Download the eConsult leaflet