Local Information

Prince William of Gloucester Barracks is situated on the A52 to the east of Grantham and is accessible from any one of three junctions on the A1, which is 10 minutes away. Grantham town centre is approximately three miles away and provides all major retail outlets and supermarkets. Market day is Saturday and regular farmers' markets with local producers selling organic and fresh goods take place on the second Saturday of each month.

The local bus station and railway station are within two and a half miles of the Barracks. Grantham is about 26 miles south of the city and county town of Lincoln, and about 24 miles east of the city of Nottingham.


Constituency: Grantham & Stamford County

Local Authority: Lincolnshire County Council

Site Information

  • This site is primarily used by Reserve Forces.
  • In Situ Lodger Units – HQ 102 Log Bde, HQ Grantham Station, RLC, DPHC, MPGS Det


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