Local Information

The village of South Cerney, four miles south-east of Cirencester, lies within The Cotswold Water Park, an area made up of over 140 lakes. South Cerney has a range of local amenities including a Post Office and newsagents, Londis general store, hairdressers, Indian restaurant/takeaway, fish and chip shop, a pharmacy, a dental surgery, three public houses and a golf course.

The village sits close to many major connections. South Cerney has a growing business community with many companies occupying the industrial and business estates that have built up on the outskirts of South Cerney.


Constituency: The Cotswolds

Local Authority: Gloucestershire County Council


ABP Location Newsletter Special Edition: South Cerney

Site Information

  • The Regular Army Basing Plan confirms the ongoing use of Duke of Gloucester Barracks as an Army base.
  • The existing Squadrons in South Cerney are joined by two Squadrons from Germany.
  • In Situ Lodger Units – HQ 104 Log Bde, Medical Centre, Joint Air Mounting Centre, MPGS South Cerney, Duke of Gloucester Playgroup
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Head of Army rebasing reassures troops

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Children's Education in rebasing

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British Troops gear up to come home from Germany


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