Local Information

MoD Stafford is situated in the West Midlands to the north of Stafford in the heart of surrounding countryside. Stafford town is a five minute drive away (or about 20 minutes on foot). It has a variety of High Street stores, an indoor market, leisure centre, cinema, theatre, library, various pubs and places to eat and many more amenities for both adults and children
within Stafford.


Constituency: Stafford

Local Authority: Staffordshire County Council


Site InformationStafford has historical links with the Army

  • Stafford has historical links with the Army

  • Stafford will provide a Royal Signals hub with three regiments in one location

  • Lodger Units – 22 Signal Regiment, 37 Signal Regiment, TSW, Outreach, SSU, MCTF, RC Mov Cell, FSS, GSE IPT, WFM, DPHCS (Medical and Dental), Army Learning Centre, RAF Learning Centre, ACF, ATC, DECA, RAF Museum, UK GDS, Bailey Teswaine, R SIGNALS NVQ Cell, ALC (C Veh PFI), RPC – Carillion, SMAC - Sodexho


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