Local Information

Imphal Barracks is easily accessible within reach of the A64 just off the A19 and one mile from York City centre. York has an extensive range of shops in the city centre. There are two out of town shopping complexes called Clifton Moor and Monks Cross both of which are located on the A64 ring road close to Strensall.

There are swimming pools, leisure centres, cinemas, theatres and many more amenities for both adults and children within the area.

Imphal Barracks facilities include a gymnasium, sports complex, adult learning centre, Defence Electronic Learning Centre, Community Centre, Preschool Nursery, coffee shop and convenience store.


Constituency: York Central

Local Authority: York County Council


Site Information

  • The Regular Army Basing Plan confirms that Imphal Barracks continues to be used by the Army for the foreseeable future.
  • In Situ Lodger Units – HQ York Garrison, QM’s, Central Services, Med Centre, CR recruiting NE, 2 AEC & DELC, DBS (DVA), HQ N region SIB, 221 Mil Int, ECIT, MOD Police and Guarding, COMCEN, AWS, Sp Comd Fwd, 2 Sig Regt, DE&S, DIO, Contractors, Bde TSU, 176 Inv Coy SIB.


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