How will you manage the rundown of Service Children’s Education (SCE) schools?

SCE has developed a plan in parallel with the Garrison and unit rebasing programme to ensure Primary and Secondary schooling is available until the end. A schools closure plan has been published.


Units will predominantly move in the summer holiday period to minimise the disruption to childrens’ education; parents need to think carefully about children starting courses of work leading to public examinations.

How will standards of education be maintained until the last unit withdraws from Germany?

One of the projects within the Education of Service Children Change Programme, (ESCCP), is looking at the management of the closure of SCE Schools in Germany whilst ensuring the high standards of education in those schools continues.

What arrangements are in place for those children at Key stages of their education (GCSE or ‘A’ levels)?

All parents should discuss immediate concerns with the Headteacher and staff of their child’s school. The Children’s Education and Advisory Service (CEAS) are also available to provide advice, if required.

How many extra school places will be needed in UK?

Current planning suggests that there are likely to be approximately 5000 school age children returning to the UK from Germany.

How will local education authorities cope with such a large influx of children?

The Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP) have initiated a Programme of work, known as the Education of Service Children Change Programme, (ESCCP). Within this Programme is a Project concerned with ensuring that those children returning from Germany, as well as those impacted by major unit moves within the UK, are not negatively affected in terms of their education provision. To this end DCYP has already been engaging with those local authorities that will experience a net change in numbers and ensuring they are aware of these net changes so that they can plan in advance.


DCYP is also working closely with the Army Basing Team and others within the MOD, to ensure a joined up approach to rebasing and drawdown.

Are new schools being built in the UK to cope with the influx of children from Germany, especially in areas where overall troop numbers will increase?

Discussions are taking place with local authorities as well as at government level to ensure that the number of Service children returning, where and when are known so that planning can take place to accommodate them.

How will the Education Authority cope with the numbers of children for whom English is not their first language?

Good practice already exists within the education sector to help support those children for whom English is not their first language. The Education Support Fund will provide the opportunity for schools and local authorities to bid for grants to help learn from existing good practice.

Will families have their quarter addresses in sufficient time to apply for school places for their children?

The school admissions code states that for families of Service personnel with a confirmed posting to their area, or crown servants returning from overseas to live in that area, admission authorities must allocate a place in advance of the family arriving in the area provided the application is accompanied by an official letter that declares a relocation date and a Unit postal address or quartering area address when considering the application against their oversubscription criteria. This must include accepting a Unit postal address or quartering area address for a Service child. Admission authorities must not refuse a Service child a place because the family does not currently live in the area, or reserve blocks of places for these children.

Are families with school-age children guaranteed a move during the summer school holiday?

The children will move back with their parents as per the movements plan, which allows for school term timings and the separate school terms that apply in Scotland.

How do I apply for a school place for my children especially if my new quarter has not been allocated?

The applications processes for school places anywhere in the UK work best when a family moving to a new area knows their new address. If this is not possible, units and families should seek advice from receiving schools and local authorities about how to proceed.

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