How are the health needs of Service personnel and their families currently being met in Germany?

The British Forces Germany Health Service (BFG HS) is responsible for meeting the healthcare needs of the entitled population. This includes British Service personnel and their families in British Forces Germany (BFG). Healthcare services are currently provided by SSAFA GSTT Care Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) under the Healthcare 2013 contract and overseen by BFGHS.

Who will be responsible for providing healthcare for Service personnel and their families when they return to the UK?

Responsibility for the provision of primary healthcare (PHC) services in the UK for Service personnel rests with Defence Primary Health Care (DPHC) and Service personnel can expect to access PHC services at a military medical centre. Provision of healthcare for Service dependants in the UK is the responsibility of the NHS and Department of Heath (DoH), who engage with the Army Basing Team in UK. Both Service personnel and their dependants can expect to access secondary healthcare through the NHS.

Are you sure that health authorities in the UK will be able to meet the extra demand for services that the influx of families from Germany will bring?

Yes. The DoH provides funding for primary healthcare on a sliding scale linked to the number of people resident in each area. Extra money is provided if the area has more healthcare needs, for example more children or older people. The Army Basing Team is working closely with the DoH and NHS to aid this process.

Is it possible for the dependants of Service personnel to use military Medical Centres in the UK?

It is not normally possible for families to use military medical centres in the UK, but in some areas dependants may have the option of registering at a military medical centre.Further details on how families will find and register with a General Practitioner (GP) for PHC within the UK will be provided in a special rebasing communication planned for Feb 2015.

Are you confident that there will be sufficient NHS dental provision at each location, or will soldiers’ families be forced to go private?

This is a nationwide issue for everyone, and the particular problems faced by service families in obtaining NHS dentistry are well known and understood. NHS is responsible for ensuring that there is adequate access to NHS dental services.

If I or a family member is receiving ongoing medical treatment at the time of the move how will this be provided in the UK?

Normal practice includes medical records being transferred to the new location for health providers to assess health needs and appropriate treatment. To this end it is very important that you deregister at your medical centre and register at your new medical centre or GP surgery as soon as possible on arrival.

What if I or a member of my family is currently taking medication?

You will need to ensure you have enough medication to cover the period before you register in the UK. Repeat medication is issued up to a maximum period of 3 months. Prescription Payment Certificates issued by your medical centre dispensary are not valid in the UK and you will need to speak to the dispensary to arrange a refund for the period of time left on the certificate after you leave Germany.