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Community and voluntary groups offer valuable services to children and young people across the garrison. The Army Welfare Services has the responsibility for the annual registering, monitoring and supporting the activities of all community groups. 


SI BF(G) 3321 and SO BF(G) 3352 set out regulations for suitable person checks for all personnel working with children and vulnerable persons. 


Providing Activities for Children & Young People

  • Is Your Group Registered?
  • Does your group work with children or young people under 18?
  • Does your group membership include children or young people?
  • Are you a leader or volunteer working with children and young people without parent’s supervision?


If you answered YES to any of the above, YOU MUST REGISTER with AWS (in compliance with SI BF(G) 3321 & SO BF(G) 3352)


Registering is a Simple Process

  1. Contact your local Garrison Community Development Worker or Army Welfare Service Main Office.
  2. Complete the issued registration pack and return it to AWS. If you need help, ask!
  3. You will be given the required vetting forms to complete by the vetting administrator.
  4. All forms to be returned within 28 day period.
  5. You will be contacted by AWS when registration and vetting is completed and given an annual registration certificate.
  6. Your registered group will be able to access training & transport & will be listed as a registered group with the garrison


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you define a ‘Community Group’?

A non-profit making organisation that is open to members of our community.


2. What if the activity makes a profit, do I still fit into this category?

If the profit is ploughed back into the group, yes.  If the money goes to any individual, no.


3. I am a uniform group; do I still have to complete registration?

Yes, AWS have been tasked with registering every community group that meets in the Garrison.


4. I am a faith based group, do I complete the same forms on an annual basis?

Yes, - As Question 3.


5. What does 3rd party liability insurance cover?

It protects against any member of the public making a claim against you or a member of your group.   It does not protect you from a member of your group making a claim that you or another leader/instructor in your group has been negligent. 


6. In what instances do I have to have additional insurance?

Additional insurance may be necessary for the type of sport or activity your group is engaged with.  Most sporting activities will need to be affiliated to a Governing Body, where insurance will usually be offered with membership.  Most sports will also require a certain level of qualification to enable adults to coach or instruct. 


7. Our group does not work with under 18’s; do we have to register?

Yes, as Question 3.  Staff will not need CRB clearance unless your group works with ‘vulnerable adults’.


8. Our group never leaves children in the care of others in our activity; do we have to register? (e.g. Mums & Tots)

Yes, as Question 3.  Again there will be no requirement for staff to be CRB cleared, although we recommend that the group leader does and that they attend the Tier 1 Safeguarding Children & Young People training.  (As all leaders of groups working with Children & Young People are required to do.)


9. Why do we have to register annually?

In our mobile community, it is important that records and contacts are up to date.  We recognise that volunteers move on and new ones are recruited, it is important we have a current staff list for your group. 


10. I am not sure about completing the forms; whom can I go to for help?

You can contact Army Welfare Service Main Office or your local AWS Community Development Worker.


11. We are a group operating in our Welfare Units; do we have to register?

Yes, as Question 3. 


12. How do I access the training?

Contact the AWS Main Office and they will give you information about the Tier 1 Safeguarding and other training that is available. 


13. How do I access transport?

If you are a group that works with children or young people, the Senior Community Development Worker SCDW can be approached for supporting and authorising transport for your group.   A member of staff planning and accompanying the group must be qualified to lead groups in off-site activities.  AWS delivers Off-Site Activity Leader Training; the SCDW can give you information.


14. Do we need an appointment?

Yes, if the group works with children or young people then that person must attend the Tier 1 Safeguarding Child Protection Training.


15. Is there anyone else who I should register with to ensure we comply?

Your group must also register with HCSO if it uses military premises to meet and if it is a business. 


Contact the AWS

Army Welfare Service Paderborn
Building 85, Normandy Barracks, BFPO 16
Tel Mil: 79 4340 or Tel Civ: 05254 982 4340