How can you keep you and your friends safe;


  • Image to show no talkingDo not talk to strangers.
  • Image illustrating staying in a groupWalk to and from school in groups.
  • Image asking you not to accept rides from strangersNever accept a ride from strangers.
  • Image showing do not accept gifts from strangersDo not take gifts from people you do not know.
  • Image shows a child/young person talking to a parent/ carerTell someone you trust if someone is making you feel uncomfortable.
  • Image  displaying a phoneReport all suspicious behaviour and "new adult friends" to Parents/ Carers.
  • Image warning you not to take shortcutsNever leave home without telling your parents/carers where you are going.
  • Image illustrating a child/young peron shouting for helpShout loudly if someone is asking you to do something you are not happy about.
  • Image warning you not to take shortcutsNever take shortcuts. Always stick to routes selected by parents, and stay on main roads.
  • Image showing children/ young people staying togetherIf you go out with your friends make sure you stay together even if you fall out.




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