Multi-agency training

Multi-agency training aims to develop the following:

  • a shared understanding of safeguarding tasks, processes, principles,

  • roles and responsibilities.

  • more effective and integrated services for children and young people

  • at both the strategic and individual case level.

  • improved communication between professionals.

  • effective working relationships.

  • sound decision making.

  • sharing of information.

Which courses are relevant to you?

Safeguarding Children Awareness Induction Pack (Level 1)

Induction/awareness booklet. To be completed by all staff & volunteers including those with little face to face contact with children, young people, parents & carers. Includes all staff involved with information concerning children, young people & families.

The core pack is available on line

This is available through the Defence Gateway and is within the Defence Learning Environment (this does not require Dii access). It outlines in brief the legal context, indicators of abuse and neglect, what you do with your concerns. There is a short multiple choice on-line test which has an 80% pass rate, following which a certificate can be printed. The test can be taken as many times as necessary.

If you are unable to access the DLE then you can use the pack below.  This is suitable for all agencies in BFG and EJSU to use. The bottom two documents are in addition and of importance for BFGHS staff.


Safeguarding Children Protection Induction Training Level 1 Pack

BFG Forward/EJSU Health Contact Numbers, Child Protection & Safeguarding

Safeguarding Leads BFG Forward/EJSU

Safeguarding Children Basic Course (Level 2)

To be attened by all those in regular contact with children, young people and adults who may be in a position to identify concerns about maltreatment. You must complete the Level 1 awareness induction booklet prior to attending the Level 2 course.

In addition Basic Courses such as Early Help may be attended to further knowledge and skills.

BFG Heath Service, AWS and MOD Schools Safeguarding Team run single agency Safeguarding children Basic courses please contact your agency for further information.

BFG Health Service

LLP Health Service Safeguarding Coordinator
Lesley Ranken
Tel: +32 6544 5824
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


AWS, Building 85, Normandy Bks, BFPO 16
Tel (mil): 79 4340, (civ): 05254 982 4340

MOD Schools Safeguarding Team

Building 3, Dempsey Bks, BFPO 16
Tel (Mil): 79 4904 (Civ): 05254 982 4904
*MOD school staff in BFG must attend the MOD Schools Safeguarding Team training due to additional content

Multi Agency Advanced Safeguarding Training (Level 3)

This is to be attended by those who work regularly with children, young people and adults. Including those with particular responsibility for safeguarding and who have previously completed the level 2 Single Agency Basic Safeguarding Training.

In additon any Advanced courses such as Neglect and Physical abuse should be attended to further knoweledge and skills.

Courses offered and application process:

  • A full list of courses offered can be found on the Course List.
  • Applications for courses should be made using the "apply now" button on the relevant course page
  • For enquiries about the Training Calendar contact Tracy Swann on BFG-HQ-G1-Safeguarding-IRO SA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Download a copy of the BFG Training Calendar 2018-2019



Mental Health First Aid - Youth (Basic Course)

The course is organised by Army Welfare Service (AWS) and is opened to people who work or volunteer with young people. The aim is to increase the understanding of mental health for young people.

It is not possible to book the course online, for more details please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call (mil) 79 4340 (civ) 05254 982 4340. Course leaflet


Online Courses

Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing FGM.

A recent study revealed that 137,000 women in England and Wales are estimated to be living with the consequences of FGM. To address this issue, the Home Office is championing a proactive approach and has launched this free online FGM training package.

More Information pdfFGM flyer

Sign up for the free training at


Awareness of Forced Marriage

Approximately 8,000 to 10,000 forced marriages of British citizens take place every year. Forced marriage is now illegal and the first prosecutions have taken place.

This free online course has been developed with the Forced Marriage Unit of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Home Office.

The course raises awareness, challenge perceptions and informs you of the correct actions to take.

Click here to access the course.


Prevent Training

This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty, and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalised to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. This training addresses all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism, including far right wing and Islamist extremism threatening the UK.


Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)

An e-learning resource for health professionals, produced by Brook on behalf of the Department of Health. It is designed to equip all those working within health with the knowledge to understand, recognise and respond to CSE. This includes everyone from receptionists and healthcare assistants, to GPs, nurses, counsellors, therapists and consultants – all of whom have a role to play in picking up on key warning signs.


Young People and Their Mental Health

Mental health problems often develop during the teenage period. As many as 1 out of 5 teenagers are dealing with these problems. Therefore, it is important that you know how to recognise common mental health problems, know how they arise, what you can do to prevent them and what you should do when you actually suffer from them. This course, designed specifically for young people, will help you find out more.


Parental mental health and families

The following e-learning course from the Social Care Institute of Excellence looks at parental mental health illness and the effects it may have on the family as a whole and the children of the family. It is made up of 8 modules that last between 20 – 30 minutes each, with clickable links that provide further information and sources of support.