What is this website for and how can it help me?

  • It will give you easy access to useful information to help keep children, young people, and vulnerable adults safe.
  • It is for everyone, whether children; young people; parents; families; professionals, or groups.
  • It is easier to keep up to date than leaflets, and allows you to contact us easily if you need to.


What is the BFG Safeguarding Board?

  • The Board is a made up of people from across BFG whose work involves safeguarding children and vulnerable adults; for example, Social Workers; Health Professionals; Military Police; Teachers, and Army Welfare Services. There are others as well, but this is just to give you an idea of the types of people involved.
  • They are all experts in their own fields, and have a lot of experience in dealing with safeguarding. By working together they can do a better job.
  • The main Board has several smaller groups who have special roles, such as Training; Publicity; Domestic Abuse, and Online-Safety. These meet 4 times a year to make sure that they are all working together in the best way they can.


What does it do?

  • The Board agrees how local services and professionals should work together to make sure that the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is taken care of.
  • The Board decides on policies, procedures and guidance for safeguarding. It checks these and updates them to make sure that they stay in line with those in the UK.
  • The policies, procedures and guidance are available online / this website (LINK?) so you can look at them when ever you want to.


Has it changed its name?

  • Since it started it has been called the Safeguarding Children Board, but from September 2014 it will be known as just the Safeguarding Board.
  • This is so that it is the same as the MOD Safeguarding Board and includes looking after vulnerable adults as well as children.


Does it only cover BFG?

No, it also covers the British military and MOD civilian communities in other parts of Europe, such as SHAPE in Belgium.


Useful Articles

Below you will find some articles produced by the Board to help you.


pdfLeaving children at home alone39.5 KB

pdfProtecting children is your responsibility too57.55 KB

pdfCoping with deployment36.27 KB

pdfDomestic Abuse45.81 KB

pdfKeeping Your Child Safe From Drowning60.08 KB

pdfUnregistered childminding30.82 KB


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