Multi-Agency Early Help Intervention Toolkit

In the first instance a practitioner should consult the Needs and Response Model to determine the level of need for an unborn child/child/young person.
If the assessment determines that Early Help is required, this toolkit supports good practice where different services and practitioners are working together to support the needs of individual children. It provides a common sense approach, from the premise that if you need something to support your involvement then it should be at your fingertips, in a standard way, so as to be recognised and accepted by others.


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Exceptional Circumstances: Significant harm to infant, child or young person
If at any time you feel that an infant, child or young person has been harmed or abused or is likely to suffer harm or abuse, you must follow Safeguarding Children Procedures.


Children’s Needs and Response Framework Booklet

The Children’s Needs and Response Framework applies to all children and young people from conception to the age of 18 years. It has been developed to assist practitioners and managers in assessing and identifying a child’s level of need and crucially, how best to respond and meet those needs as early as possible to prevent difficulties escalating into crises.

It recognises that all service responses must be preventative, aimed at building resilience and meeting the identified needs at the lowest level of intervention. Effective prevention, early help through recognition of difficulties and intervention is essential in order to achieve this.

The Framework utilises research that indicates that the most productive way of affecting change and supporting children and their families is by establishing a relationship with family members. It is important that practitioners understand that the fewer professionals supporting a family the more positive the outcome and embrace the practice of working around professional boundaries with advice and guidance from others.



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