BFSWS – Children Services - Eligibility Criteria

Acute/Specialist: Child in Need of Protection and Support

Assessment Scoring: 1- 2

Protection and Support Children and Young People who are at risk of, or are suffering significant harm due to neglect, or whose needs require immediate consideration of a statutory response to ensure their safety.

Children with this level of need will also require multi- Agency intervention/ services. This may be a Social Work intervention, or a specialist service from another agency.

Targeted: Complex Multi-Agency Intensive Support

Assessment Scoring: 3 - 4

Children, Young People and Families that would benefit from intensive and coordinated support, based on an agreed solution -focused action plan for complex issues, delivered via targeted services and/or where support at Level 3 has not resulted in positive or sustained outcomes and now require an intense and co-ordinated package as their needs are complex and services will need to be delivered by a range of agencies due to level 3 input not resulting in positive or sustained outcomes.

Early Help: Multi-Agency Support

Assessment Scoring: 5 - 6

Children, Young People and Families with an additional need that would benefit from a co-ordinated package of support from more than one agency. The Early Help process should be used to agree an outcome-focussed plan and to identify a Key Worker.

Children, Young People and families who have received support from services at level 2 but where the needs are not met, or where new additional needs have been identified.

Universal Unmet Needs: Own Agency Support

Assessment Scoring: 7 - 8

Children, Young People and Families with an additional need which may require additional support that cannot be provided purely by universal provision and that may be met by a single agency providing additional advice, guidance or support, or signposting to an additional service.

Universal: No Unmet Needs

Assessment Scoring: 9 - 10

Children, Young People and Families who have the capacity to support themselves, or whose needs are being met, or can be met by engagement with Universal Services which are available as required, therefore no additional support is required.

The five levels of need reflect a whole family approach to providing support for Children, Young people and Families which is flexible and responsive.

The needs of Children, Young People and families do not move through the levels in a structured way, but rather along a continuum of need.

Children, Young People and Families may experience a range of different needs at different times and as such will move backwards and forwards through the continuum as needs are met.

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BFSWS – Adult Services - Eligibility Criteria

Critical and Substantial = referral to BFSWS
Moderate = Early Help Response from another agency or possible referral to BFSWS
Low = Early Help response from another agency.

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