BFSWS – Children Services - Eligibility Criteria

Level 5 = Children who are at risk of, or suffering SIGNIFICANT HARM with immediate need for protection and or substitute care.
Level 4 = Children who have complex needs, whose health and development is being affected by the parenting they receive or in respect of older children who are beginning to demonstrate behaviour that will increase their vulnerability and place them at risk.
Level 3 = Children whose health and development IS AT AN INCREASED risk of being affected due to their own significant difficulties or compromised parenting
Level 2 = Children with additional needs whose health and development may be affected without the provision of additional services
Level 1 = Children whose needs are met / have no identified additional needs

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BFSWS – Adult Services - Eligibility Criteria

Critical and Substantial = referral to BFSWS
Moderate = Early Help Response from another agency or possible referral to BFSWS
Low = Early Help response from another agency.

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