For the past five years, Core Assets have been delivering BFSWS in Germany and other isolated detachments, successfully serving over 33,000 Service personnel and dependents. On 1st November 2019, Core Assets will began to deliver the rest of world social work service from the UK.

The service will be delivered by a closeknit, UK-based team who will supplement their already excellent knowledge of UK and Military Social Work by working together with overseas Commands and host nations to provide the best, most current and accurate guidance and support to service users.


BFSWS will continue to be available 24/7, 365 days a year, including:

  • Information, advice and consultation
  • Early Help offer
  • Child in Need
  • Safeguarding children and adults at risk
  • Care leavers
  • Private fostering arrangements
  • Members of local safeguarding committees (physical or virtual attendance depending on location)
  • Support to command welfare personnel via the Central Referral Team
  • Active liaison and relationship building with local welfare resources/host nations
  • Helping commands build welfare capacity/ pathways for action
  • Threshold document for access to services


For more information please visit the BFSWS website.


Other sources of information

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MOD Safeguarding Partnership Board