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Welcome to the Headquarters British Forces Germany (HQ BFG) Website for Social Welfare and Community Service compliments, comments, complaints and representations.

HQ BFG G1 Branch actively encourages compliments, comments, complaints and representations about the social welfare and community services afforded to entitled personnel within the BFG geographical area of responsibility.   We want to work with Service Users, parents, carers, families and other professionals to provide quality services to meet their needs.


Encouraging Compliments

HQ BFG wants to hear from people when we get things right. This helps us to:

  • Understand what services people value and why
  • Share best practice
  • Make sure we learn and develop in a way which keeps providing a good service to our community.

Encouraging Comments

We believe that listening to our community’s comments helps us to improve the way we do things.   We welcome any comments on how we might do things differently or better, and are committed to taking seriously any suggestions for service improvements.  
You can forward your compliments and comments to HQ BFG by completing the on-line form.

Encouraging Complaints

Service Users may find it difficult to talk about their views or concerns. They may be worried that complaining will lead to a reduction in service, or there may be repercussions for their spouse’s career.
HQ BFG wants all its Service Users to feel confident that their views will be taken seriously, and that there will be no ‘repercussions’ if they need to raise genuine concerns.

What can you do?

You can tell whoever you have contact with in the community service and social welfare unit, agency or organisation or you could contact the Independent Complaints Office to let us know about your compliments or complaints.

If things go wrong

If you are not satisfied in any way about any of the community service and social welfare services provided in British Forces Germany and other European Support Group areas then you have the right to complain.
Our formal complaints procedure, which is set out below, is designed to make it as easy as possible for you to complain and ensures your complaint is treated seriously, dealt with fairly and promptly and is handled in a confidential manner. 

What sort of things could you complain about?

Your complaint could be about anything to do with the community and social welfare services that are provided in British Forces Germany and other European Support Group areas . 

It might be about:

  • The quality of the service you received
  • The lack of a service
  • An assessment decision
  • The attitudes, actions or behaviour of staff
  • Delay in providing a service

But don’t worry if your complaint doesn’t seem to fit into this list, whatever it is about let us know. 

How our complaints procedure works

There are three stages to the Complaints Procedure. You are entitled to use these procedures, or ask the help of the Independent Complaints Officer to help you reach the solution that you want.
We would hope that in most cases it can be sorted out locally and informally with the unit, agency or organisation concerned.

If you feel able to, speak first to the member of staff you already have contact with. Tell them clearly that you are not satisfied and why.

It is important for you to try and tell the people working with you or your family if you are unhappy with what is happening.

This could include talking to the Service Provider Manager or a member of staff and accessing the unit, agency or organisation’s own internal complaints procedure.



Stage 1

The Independent Complaints Officer at HQ BFG is available to ensure that you are listened to and will try to help you by contacting the unit, agency or organisation concerned with your complaint issue on your behalf.  We will try to complete this within 15 working days.

Stage 2

If you are not satisfied with the answer at Stage 1, you have the right to have your complaint investigated at Stage 2.   If you qualify to access the Stage 2 complaints procedure, an Investigating Officer is appointed.   It is the responsibility of the Investigating Officer to make sure that your complaint is fully and fairly investigated. When the investigation is completed, we will write to you with the results of the investigation and any action the unit, agency or organisation will take.  All of this should happen within 25 working days of your formal complaint being received.

Stage 3

If you are still not satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, you have the right to take your complaint to the HQ BFG Area Authority Board Review Panel. At the Review Panel, your complaint will be reviewed by 3 Independent people appointed by the GOC BFG.  The Panel will record its conclusions and recommendations, and the reason for them, within 5 working days with the results notified to you by the GOC BFG within a further 5 working days.

Where to find help and for further information on the HQ BFG Independent Complaints Service:

Please contact:
Independent Complaints Officer
G1 Branch
BFPO 140
Tel: 0049 521 9254 2676 or Military 94881 2676