Civil Labour Administrators Workshop

2 days duration
Maximum Participation 8 Students

Course Objectives :

The course is designed to firstly give participants an insight into the organisation and role of LEC Sp Svcs and then take a more in depth look at conditions of service and the Pay Process. The module goes into greater depth than the Line Managers Workshop with practical exercises involving the completion of the BFG 24, the calculation of pay and the use of the CTA II as well as Standing Instructions.

During the course the following areas will be covered:

  1. Pay Process, Allowances and the BFG 24.
  2. Maternity Provisions.
  3. Leave and Sickness.
  4. Data Protection legislation.
  5. Pay and the CTA II.
  6. The use of Standing Instructions.
  7. Travel and Subsistence.

Who should attend?

This workshop is designed for both LSU staff or any Line Manager or Civil Labour Clerk who would like a better understanding of pay procedures as well as general conditions of service.

Workshop dates academic year 2018/2019:



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