Unit Line Managers with Interview Techniques

3 days duration
Maximum Participation 12 Students

Course Objectives :

The course is designed to give Line Managers an overview of civil labour management and general LEC administration principles as applied within BFG.

During the course the following areas will be covered:

  1. An overview of the civil labour administrative and industrial relation organisations within BFG.
  2. An insight into the terms and conditions of employment in respect of the DEL and Dependant Workforce.
  3. Advise on the system for the recruitment of civil labour for employment with BFG.
  4. To advise Line Managers on how to be effective in supporting the development of their civilian staff.
  5. To advise on the identification of individual training needs and the completion of appraisals.
  6. To advise and provide an insight into handling interview situations with prospective employees.
  7. To advise on Capability & Discipline procedures and Absence Monitoring.

Who should attend?

The workshop will benefit any individual in authority who has a day to day responsibility for the management and administration of LEC. It will also assist and should be considered mandatory for those whose duties may require them to interview employees as part of their personnel or line management responsibilities.

Workshop dates academic year 2018/2019:



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