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The LEC Training Wing offers mobile workshops in situations where a large number of applicants from one geographical location require basic line management training on the terms and conditions of employment of Locally Employed Civilians (LEC's).


The situation may arise where a new unit arrives in theatre for example and some or all of those given responsibility for a group of civilians (line management) have had little or no experience in managing civilian staff. It could also be that a line manager has had the responsibility at some stage in the past and simply needs a refresher.


If a minimum of twelve candidates require training then we will be happy to visit your location, providing a suitable facility exists within unit lines.
In such cases the unit concerned can contact the Course Administrator at the LEC Training Wing on Bielefeld Mil (81) 2733 and ask for a one day workshop. If you wish to send us an email address are on the Training Wing Contact page. Time frames will depend on the availability of a suitable window in the busy training year.


It is emphasized that such workshops are not a substitute for the full three day line management workshop with interview techniques that take place in Bielefeld. Further to this, the workshop does not qualify a candidate to conduct a selection interview.