Access to Facilities

Which Military Facilities Will I Be Able To Access?

Your pass will allow you access to the NAAFI Facilities on Otto Hahn Strasse 20, 33104 Paderborn. Access to Normandy Barracks is restricted. Should you wish to attand an organised event on camp, you will need to book in through the Guardroom. Such events may include; Sunday worship, Mess Events as an Honorary Member and the Remembrance Sunday Service.

Can Veterans take guests with them when accessing facilities?

You may take up to 4 family members with you at any one time; these visitors will have to show valid proof of identity (i.e. passport or ID Card) and must be signed in and out of the garrison/station at all times.

If you visit the NAAFI only the VIAP holder can purchase goods for immediate consumption or using their Pink Card.  It is the Veterans responsibility to ensure that their guests remain with them at all times.

Can Veterans use the BFPO system?

The BFPO system is only for the use of members of the force, the civilian component, their members and dependants.  Therefore to use the BFPO as a Veteran outside of this caveat is not permissible.