Pensions & Benefits

Who can assist me with information regarding my military pension?

For further advice on forces pensions, please visit Pensions and Compensation for Veterans

An armed forces pension calculator  is also available, which covers both of the armed forces pension schemes - AFPS 1975 and AFPS 2005.

I am disabled; can I apply for UK benefits?

For further information on UK benefits, please visit Benefits pages

Who can assist me with information regarding my UK State Pension?

For advice on the UK State Pension visit

or view the guide State Pension if you retire abroad

Who can assist me with information in respect of if I am entitled to any German pension or benefits?

For those that have chosen to live within the economy of another country, the MOD has no control over such matters and individuals are advised to contact the relevant department in their local Stadt. 

Who can assist with German tax allowances in respect of UK tax and UK pensions?

This is a specialist area outside the remit of the GEO.  It is advised that any Veteran experiencing these difficulties contacts a tax specialist.