Form 20 - Application for BFG Vehicle Registration

Form 4003 - Deregistration of a BFG Vehicle

Bill of Sale - Sale/Transfer between Entitled Persons

V55/5 - Application for first vehicle tax and registration of a used motor vehicle

DVLA Postal Route Application


Customs & Immigration Forms

BFG F 60 - Application for a Special Certificate to Import Personal Belongings

BFG Form NoVA 1 - Application for a BFG Form NoVA or BFG Form NoVA NMT (New Means Of Transport)


VAT NOVA1 notes

BFG Form 38 - Application for permission to sell vehicles or goods to non-entitled personnel

BFG Form 38 Ü - Application for permission to transfer vehicles from BFG to any country other than the UK or goods from BFG to any country, including the UK.

BFG Form 5206 - Registration of trading activity



Aral FuelCard Online Application Forms

Aral FuelCard Application - Car

Aral FuelCard Application - Motorcycle



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