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Jobs, pay scales, terms and conditions.

Children's Education and Childcare.

Medical and Dental info. and contacts.

Guidance on vehicle registration processes.

How to apply and identify participating stations.

Guidance on safeguarding the tax-free provision.

Crime prevention, security and contacts.

Safeguarding information and advice.

Contacts including Veterans information.

Location, betterment and maintenance processes.

Emergency and station telephone numbers.

BFG Events calendar.

Exchange Rates

GAR: 1.1282
FFR: 1.1100

Local Weather


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Need to Know

Important Safety Notice! German Civil Authorities have put a ban for all movement through wooded areas until 31st Jan 18.

Read on to ensure your children stay safe when playing outside the home.

Recent audits of ARAL fuel cards use have identified abuse of the BFG Aral fuel card. This notice reminds you of your responsibilities and consequences when your fuel card is improperly used.

With effect from 1 Apr 18 there will be changes to the German Air Trooping Service.

Notice Board


New hours for the Paderborn Office


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Course Dates for 2018