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Jobs, pay scales, terms and conditions.

Children's Education and Childcare.

Medical and Dental info. and contacts.

Guidance on vehicle registration processes.

How to apply and identify participating stations.

Guidance on safeguarding the tax-free provision.

Crime prevention, security and contacts.

Safeguarding information and advice.

Contacts including Veterans information.

Location, betterment and maintenance processes.

Services offered by Army Legal and RAF Legal.

Emergency and station telephone numbers.

Exchange Rates

GAR: 1.1777
FFR: 1.18

Local Weather


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Need to Know

Beginning 17 Mar 17, a second photo ID card will be required.

Effective 5 Apr 17.

Customs and Immigration has some key reminders for you.

Details of a 4-month trial period.

Westfalen Garrison Notice Board


Visit the Westfalen Events Calendar for What's On.


Bookings commence 24 April and close 18 May 2017.

Bielefeld /

Bielefeld Station's summer adventure training for military personnel.


Clinic on 25 April 17