C&I is accepted by the Host Nation (HN) and UK HM R&C as the recognised agent of the Force, we provide the necessary customs, immigration and tax controls for the Force in conjunction with British and HN officials in order to protect and safeguard the continued provision of the tax free concessions afforded to members of the Force.

C&I liaises with Host Nation and British agencies and will take ‘all measures’ to prevent offences against the Supplementary Agreement to the Status of Forces Agreement, Forces Customs law and fiscal laws. The organisation produces the necessary documentation to safeguard the concessions afforded to the ‘Force’ and its entitled personnel. We also support operational & exercise deployments of the ‘Force’ over international borders whether by rail, sea, land or air (Air Trooping movement).

C&I conducts formal assurance visits, and informal advisory visits to Official Procurement Agencies (OPAs) including Messes, Institutes & Clubs and other tax-free outlets such as NAAFI VIP facilities. C&I visits garrison post offices to carry out postal checks and also visits NAAFI establishments to ensure access and sales controls are in place.

NSE Office Contacts

Advice on C&I matters can be obtained from your local NSE.

NSE LocationTelephone
Goch +49 (0) 2823 419 0837
Ramstein +49 (0) 6371 401 454
Sennelager +49 (0) 5254 982 2234
Ulm +49 (0) 731 3885 9015