Who is a veteran?

A veteran is anyone who has served in the UK Armed Forces, as a regular or reserve Service Person, including National Servicemen.  Veterans’ status also applies to former Polish forces under British command in WWII and Merchant Mariners who have seen duty in military operations. Veterans can be any age and need not have served overseas or in conflict.

Whilst the majority of the estimated 5 million Veterans will remain in the UK, some ex-service personnel choose to remain or re-locate to Germany.  For most they will have an established life within the German community and will require little additional support. Some may simply require a means of remaining in touch with the British Military as part of the extended military family, others may be experiencing hardship and require assistance through the charitable veteran organisations.

Whilst the GEO cannot offer any welfare support to Veterans, we are able to signpost to those agencies that may be able to assist.