MoD personnel drive in some of the most hostile climatic conditions in the world and have to cope with varying standards of driving behaviour. The Germany Enabling Office (GEO), as the Force of a Sending State has undertaken that its members, the members of the civilian component and dependants who are permitted to drive in Germany, must possess adequate knowledge of the Road Traffic Laws.

The European Online European Highway Code (Matrix) Test is how this undertaking is met.

Email Account

A small number of users have reported difficulties receiving the results via email. Please check that the certificate has not ended up in your Spam folder. MODNET users may find their certificate blocked. If you do not receive your certificate within a short time then use the Contact Us form to get in touch.

Browser & Device Information

The European Highway Code Test has been designed to work with a variety of tablets and phones. On a desktop computer any modern standards compliant browser should work. You must allow cookies and javascript in order to take the test.

What do I have to do

Complete the online training package, then when you are confident enough take the test. Once you have passed the test, save the certificate to your computer, print a copy and sign the disclaimer. Keep the certificate safe, you will have to show it to the relevant authority as proof of passing the test when required to do so. Drivers of MoD vehicles will be required to hand a copy to their MT for the individual’s Driver Training Record (DTR).

Those to be tested

All drivers of any rank, whether members of the Services, the civilian component or dependants are to pass European Highway Code Test before they drive a Vehicle Licencing Office (VLO) registered vehicle, or in the case of MoD vehicles, before they are issued with an MT Drivers Permit (F/MT 600). There is no requirement for Locally Employed Civilians (LECs) or German Licence holders to conduct a European Highway Code Test.

What is the disclaimer

You will be required to say you are the person named on the certificate, you undertook the training, took the test unassisted and that you are not banned from driving. If it is discovered that anyone has falsely completed the disclaimer, they could be liable to disciplinary action.

Is there more than one version of the test

Yes, there are 3 depending on where you will be driving. There is a European version for those posted in Germany, Belgium or Holland, a UK version and also a French version as it has been highlighted that there are significant differences between driving in France and Germany.

How many questions are there

You will sit 50 questions selected from a total question bank of 700. The pass mark overall is 86%. However, you will be required to get 100% in section four of the European test, which deals with priority road junctions.

Do I have to complete the training and test in one sitting

No, when you log on you will be given a number, a unique identifier. Make sure you write this down, as you will need it if you do not complete the training or test and want to log back in and start from where you left off.

How often will I be required to take the test.

You will only have to take the test once, unless you are a driver of a MoD vehicle, in which case you will be required to take a test every 5 years to renew your MoD Driving Permit, or if stated otherwise within your NSE/Unit Motor Transport Standing Orders.

Overseas visits

A European Highway Code Test must be taken by personnel driving any class of MoD vehicle overseas on detached duty (visits) or exercise. The test must be recorded on the individual’s F/MT 600 prior to departure and shall remain valid for a rolling 12 month period from date of return of the last visit. 


Proceed to the Matrix Test

You will need to either create a new User ID (remember to keep this in a safe place) or login with your current User ID and then you can choose whether to go through the training material or take the European, French or UK test.