This Education  section covers the full range of learning opportunities available to the BFG population.

MOD Schools

MOD Schools provides mainstream schooling and also has responsibility for children aged 0 - 5.

MOD Schools Websites & Calendar

Want to know about the schools in your patch - here you can find links to all the school websites and the MOD Schools calendar.

Early Years Childcare

Information about the Early Years Foundation Stage and provision.


BFEYS aims to promote, and contributes to, the improved quality and standards of care and education through independent regulation of early years childcare and childminding provision in support of entitled Service and civilian personnel and their families.

BFEYS maintain a register of early years childcare provision, both Childminders and Nurseries.

Safeguarding Training

Safeguarding Multi-agency training aims to develop the following: a shared understanding of safeguarding tasks, processes, principles, roles and responsibilities. A more effective and integrated services for children and young people.