The European Highway Code training and testing programme (also known as the Matrix Test) is for those stationed in Germany who are entitled to drive in Europe.

It is designed to help military personnel, civilian staff and family members to understand the differences in signage, rules and regulations when driving in Germany and to a lesser degree driving in Belgium, Holland and France. The key priority differences between the UK and Europe are covered here.


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Proceed to the European Highway Code Test

You will need to either create a new user or login and then you can choose whether to take the European, French or UK test.



Email Account

A number of users have reported difficulties receiving the results via email. If you do not receive your certificate within a short time then use the Contact form to get in touch.

Note that due to recent changes to EGS filtering, you cannot email your certificate to a email address. Please use an alternative personal email address to send the certificate to.

Browser & Device Infomation

The Online European Highway Code Test has been designed to work with a variety of tablets and phones. On a desktop computer the minumum required browser is Internet Explorer 7, but any modern standards compliant browser should work. IE6 users will not be able to access the package.

Further Information

As of 2nd April 2013 the BFG Driving Permit (BFG Form 57) will no longer be needed to drive a BFG-registered vehicle in Germany. It will still be necessary to take a European Highway Code test, but the Highway Code test that was taken in the past, is being replaced by a new online version that can be accessed from your own home, or anywhere there is an internet connection. You can even take the test using a tablet PC or smart phone.

Previously on arrival in Germany, drivers of BFG registered or military vehicles had to sit the “Tick-test/European Matrix Test” at their GTO or Garrison families’ office before they were given their BFG driving permit (BFG Form 57) or MoD Driving Permit (FMT 600).

From April this is changing. It has been decided that the BFG driving permit has no significant purpose and is being discontinued.

All individuals who want to drive a BFG registered or military vehicle will still have to take a test. It is, however, going to be less bureaucratic; a new online version is available; it consists of a training package and a test. It is accessible from any internet enabled computer, so you can do this worldwide from a variety of locations at your leisure.

What do I have to do?

If you have already completed the old version, you do not have to do anything, but you must keep a hold of your old BFG Form 57 or European Highway Code Test Certificate. If you are a new arrival, you can log-on to the British Forces Online European Highway Code training package and test through BFGnet.

Do the online training package and when you are confident enough take the test. Once you have passed the test, save the certificate to your computer, print a copy and sign the disclaimer. Keep it safe, you may have to show it to the relevant authorities as proof of passing the test. Drivers of Service vehicles will be required to hand a copy to their MTO, for the driver training records.

What is the point of the test?

It is designed to ensure that personnel have adequate knowledge of the traffic regulations in Germany and to a lesser degree in Belgium, Holland and France. This is not only a road safety measure, but is also a requirement under the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA).

Why the change?

Principally it is easier for you the customer, it reflects the way many modern training packages are taken and it will also save money and reduce unnecessary bureaucracy. It is part of the BFG policy of making things better for the military community in Germany.

What is the disclaimer?

You will sign to say you are the person named on the certificate, you undertook the training, took the test unassisted and that you are not banned from driving. SOBFGs have been amended to reflect the change. If it is discovered that anyone has falsely signed the disclaimer they could be liable to disciplinary action.

Is there more than one version of the test?

Yes, there are 3 depending on where you will be driving; there is an European version for those posted in Germany, Belgium or Holland. There is a UK version and also now a French version as it has been highlighted that there are significant differences between driving in France and Germany.

How many questions are there?

You will sit 50 questions selected from a total question bank of 700. The pass mark overall is 86%. However, you will be required to get 100% in section four, which deals with priority road junctions.

Do I have to do the training and test in one sitting?

No, when you log on you will be given a number, a unique identifier. Make sure you write this down, as you will need it if you do not complete your training or test and want to log back in and start from where you left off.

I don’t currently have access to the internet?

You should be able to go to the internet cafes available in most garrisons or to your local garrison libraries which have internet access. For MoD employees the test will eventually be available through the Internet Gateway Service on DII.

I don’t have access to a printer?

There is a way you can email your certificate. So you can send it to someone who has a printer. You can even save your Pass certificate to your device as a Pdf file and print it off when you have the opportunity.

How can I prove that I have passed the test?

The certificate is your proof. Keep it safe and produce it when required to by the authorities.

How often will I be required to take the test?

You will only have to take the test once, unless you are a driver of a Service vehicle, in which case you will be required to take a test every 5 years to renew your MoD Driving Permit. However, if you lose your Pass Certificate and have not saved a copy, you will have to retake the test to prove you have passed.

Will I have to show my Pass Certificate to VLO when I BFG register my vehicle?

No. This is no longer deemed necessary, but the VLO will continue to ensure you have the right category of driving licence before you can register a vehicle. It will be your responsibility to ensure you have passed the Online European Highway Code Test and anyone else who is entitled to drive your vehicle.