Projected Barrier Closure Times

Day Date Times
Sat 01-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Sun 02-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Mon 03-Aug-20 0745 - 1615hrs
Tue 04-Aug-20 0745 - 2359hrs
Wed 05-Aug-20 0001 - 1615hrs
Thu 06-Aug-20 0745 - 2359hrs
Fri 07-Aug-20 0001 - 1315hrs
Sat 08-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Sun 09-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Mon 10-Aug-20 0745 - 2359hrs
Tue 11-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Wed 12-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Thu 13-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Fri 14-Aug-20 0001 - 1315hrs
Sat 15-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Sun 16-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Mon 17-Aug-20 0745 - 2359hrs
Tue 18-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Wed 19-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Thu 20-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Fri 21-Aug-20 0001 - 1315hrs
Sat 22-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Sun 23-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Mon 24-Aug-20 0745 - 2359hrs
Tue 25-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Wed 26-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Thu 27-Aug-20 0001 - 2359hrs
Fri 28-Aug-20 0001 - 1315hrs
Sat 29-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Sun 30-Aug-20 Transit Roads Open
Mon 31-Aug-20 0745 - 1615hrs

Timings subject to change. Please check this page for updates.  

* = Amended Timings / Korrigierte Zeiten

Questions concerning Barrier Closure timings can only be asked by mail and should be addressed to:
Fragen zu den Sperrzeiten können nur per Post gestellt werden, an folgende Adresse:

Der Verbindungsoffizier/HNLO
Postfach 7125
33078 Paderborn

The Senne Training Area (STA)

  1. The STA is a closed military training area, which is active during the times shown at Annex A to this Order.  Closure is specifically denoted by closed peripheral barriers one hour before and throughout active training.  When live firing is intended or in progress, red flags, (red lights by night) are displayed.  Outside these times roads not open for public co-use are barred or signposted to indicate closure.

  2. No one, other than troops whose activity is registered in the Daily Range Summary, is authorised to use training facilities, undertake training (including transit of the training area with military vehicles/convoys), carry out extra-curricular activities nor leave the specific transit roads, within the training area, at any time.  This includes a prohibition on any fitness training, which has not been agreed, by time and location, with the Training Safety Officer (TSO). DIO Land Management Services are similarly constrained to liaise with Range Control before committing personnel or contractors to conduct maintenance.

  3. The whole training area has been declared a ‘Traffic Zone’ in German Law.  The appropriate signs are displayed on all approach roads.  Full compliance with Federal Traffic Law is mandatory.  The maximum speed limit on ALL roads/tracks within the training area is set under the Zonal Regulation:
    1. 60 KPH for wheeled vehicles.
    2. 40 KPH for tracked vehicles.
    3. Out of gauge vehicles move with an escort.

      Note 1: Halting or parking is prohibited on all roads or verges.  (Beware most verges are soft).
      Note 2: Prevailing weather conditions, training activities or the road condition may dictate that a lower speed is necessary.

  4. Certain roads are designated as transit roads and these are opened to public co-use outside the range active times shown above.  However, changes in training programmes or situations which might otherwise present a danger to the public may cause these timings to be varied at short notice or without notice.  In such circumstance no alternative roads through or around the training area can be made available for public co-use.

  5. As a result of an inspection by the German Civil Police (GCP), Range Control was informed that the Southern Ring Road as a Military Road should not be open to the public and cannot be considered as a co-use road.  This status was confirmed by Paderborn Stadt, therefore with immediate effect all access within the Senne Training Area will be restricted to co-use roads only.

  6. No vehicle may be used on any road within the STA for driver training, driver testing or brake testing, unless the use has been agreed with Range Control, in advance, and complete programme and safety instruction has been submitted.

  7. Under German Law it is an offence to pick up, move or take away ammunition, ammunition remnants, scrap, targetry materials or military property from the Training Area.

  8. Offences under Environmental Protection Laws may attract fines up to €50,000.  Local authorities may prosecute for damage to the environment and recover, in addition to finds and costs. Such offences include:
    1. Illegal dumping of rubbish, including unauthorised dumping in skips provided for military use, dumping of recyclable waste or contaminated or polluting materials.
    2. Riding (horse, mountain bikes or motorcycles) or driving vehicles in ecologically significant areas or areas of scientific interest.
    3. Picking or digging up plants and fungus.
    4. Polluting surface water ground water or streams.
    5. Poaching, going equipped to poach or possession of poached animals, fish or birds.

  9. All users of the training area are to be aware that German Civil Police, Royal Military Police, Federal Forestry Officers or Range Patrol Staff may conduct checks on vehicles or their occupants or any persons found within the training area boundary.