The policy for the provision and delivery of Service Family Accommodation (SFA) Overseas is set out in Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations JSP 464 Part 1 (Directive) and Part 2 (Guidance) – Service Family Accommodation.

The Service Delivery Accommodation DIO Housing Central Region allocation team based in Bielefeld is responsible for the administration, provision and management of SFA within British Forces Germany (BFG) including ISODETS.  

General Enquiries Bielefeld Housing Office

Telephone Direct Dial +49 (0) 521 9254 2811 or 2810
Telephone Military: 94881 2811 or 2810
Fax Direct Dial: +49 (0) 521 9254 3375
Fax Military: 94881 3375

General Enquiries Gütersloh Housing Office

Telephone Direct Dial +49 (0) 5241 84 3949 
Telephone Military: 94873 3949 
Fax Direct Dial: +49 (0)5241 84 3982 
Fax Military: 94873 3982 

General Enquiries  Paderborn Housing Office

Telephone Direct Dial: +49 (0) 5254 982 2491, 2411 or 4435
Telephone Military: 94879 2491, 2411 or 4435
Fax Direct Dial: +49 (0) 5254 982 2392

The Central Region allocation team will allocate SFA to entitled and eligible personnel in accordance with Tri-Service Accommodation Regulations JSP 464 Part 1 (Directive) and Part 2 (Guidance) – Service Family Accommodation. Applications for SFA are to be submitted to the Central Region allocation team in Bielefeld.

The criteria required to be met in BFG before betterment moves can be considered require the current occupant to have occupied current SFA for at least 6 months with at least 6 months remaining in Theatre. It is also dependant on availability of SFA stock and is at the occupant’s expense.

Families/individuals that are required to move to alternative SFA to facilitate the return of properties to the relevant authority will be afforded a managed move at Public Expense.

Move Out of SFA can be for various reasons: Assignment Order (Military), Appointment/ posting letter, End of Contract, Retirement/VERS (UKBC/T’s). Whatever the reason all Military, UKBC’s/T’s and contractors are to ensure local Housing Offices are made aware of move out requirement as soon as practicably possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the relevant movement documentation. Pre Move Out Advisory Visits (PMOAV) are key to successful move outs and follow on SFA use, all PMOAV are to be booked at local Housing Offices.

babcockThe Babcock Service Families Accommodation (SFA) Handbook provides occupants with essential information on the Defence Infrastructure Organisation who are responsible for the housing estate in Germany and Babcock who are responsible for property maintenance and repairs. It also includes all the details that you will need in order to contact them. Other items in the Handbook include steps to reducing condensation, energy saving tips, snow and ice clearance, grounds maintenance and much more. Please take time to read through the Handbook, which should have been delivered to your SFA.