Move Out of SFA can be for various reasons: Assignment Order (Military), Appointment/ posting letter, End of Contract, Retirement/VERS (UKBC/T’s).

Whatever the reason all Military, UKBC’s/T’s and contractors are to ensure the Housing Office is made aware of move out requirement as soon as practicably possible, but no later than 14 days after receipt of the relevant movement documentation.

Pre Move Out Advisory Visits (PMOAV) are key to successful move outs and follow on SFA use, all PMOAV are to be booked through the Housing Office.


It is a mandatory requirement for a PMOAV to take place up to 2 months before the expected date of vacation. It is the Licensee’ responsibility to arrange the date of the PMOAV through the Housing Office.

The purpose of the PMOAV is to help identify actions and make recommendations that could help avoid charges for damages or cleaning, additionally any major repairs are identified at this stage to reduce lead times for repairs such as décor etc. to enable early follow on SFA use.


The Move Out appointment is to be booked through the Housing Office once the removal date has been confirmed. A minimum of 21 days’ notice, wherever possible, is required for this appointment. Making appointments for removal services and Move Out on the same day is strongly discouraged and ‘must not’ be booked without close liaison with the Housing Office.

Following the departure of the removal services the SFA is to be prepared for Move Out in accordance with the advice and guidance given at the PMOAV.

The licensee (or their proxy with prior approval from the Housing Manager) is deemed to have relinquished their responsibilities as defined by their License to Occupy only when they have handed all the keys to the property to the appointed DIO SD Accommodation representative personally at the Move Out appointment.