How to Apply

Apply for a Veterans NAAFI Shopping Permit ( Veterans NAAFI Shopping Permit application). Complete and submit the application form to the Veterans Clerk.

Applicants should be aware that the process will take approximately 3 - 4 weeks to complete.

Once in receipt of the NAAFI Shopping Permit, the Veteran then has to visit his/her local Zollamt (Stadt Customs Office) with the Shopping Permit and Passport or Ausweis. Veterans must use the Zollamt that covers the area where they reside.

Veterans NAAFI Shopping Permit front

Registering at the Zollamt

The Veterans NAAFI Shopping Permit has a statement on the reverse of the card which confirms that the holder is a Service Veteran and permitted to shop in the NAAFI. The Veteran must present the blank Form 0217 ('Pink Card') to the Local German Customs Office (Zollamt) in the regional area in which the card holder is resident. The Zollamt should register/endorse (wet stamp) the Form 0217 when it is presented to the Zollamt by the Veteran. A blank Form 0217 can be requested from the Veterans Group Mailbox, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
All new applications will have a blank Form 0217 (Pink Card) sent out with the Veterans NAAFI Shopping Permit.

How to Shop

When purchasing goods, the Veteran must show their NAAFI Shopping Permit (this is in line with the 100% ID card check for all personnel entitled to use the NAAFI) and produce their Pink Card at the till prior to the sale.

Veterans are able to purchase goods that NAAFI offer for sale with the exception of:

  • Rationed Goods
  • Bulk purchases

Rationed goods include; Whiskey, Gin, Coffee and Tobacco products.

Alcoholic drinks.  The General Zollamt Directorate (GZD) have agreed that alcoholic drinks less those which are classed as ‘Rationed goods’ may be purchased by Veterans.  This means that beer, wine, and spirits that are non-rationed goods, may be purchased by Veterans.  However, the goods will need to be declared on the ‘Pink Card’, and the receipt to support the purchase shown to the Zollamt on a monthly basis.  The Zollamt are highly likely to raise valued added taxes against these purchases.

Bulk purchases are large quantities of any item (such as a case or outer),however 'Retail Packs' may be purchased. A Retail Pack is any pack of goods that will scan at the till as a single item (e.g. four pack of coke, double pack of paper towels etc).

On completion of the sale, NAAFI staff will:

  • Enter the details of the till receipt of the total value of the purchase on the Veterans Sales Sheets (held and retained by NAAFI), which is subject to audit by GEO C&I and the German Authorities.
  • All purchases will be entered on the reverse of the Veterans Pink Card, with the exception of items for immediate consumption.
  • Provide the Veteran with their receipt and return the “Pink Card”. The Veteran is reminded that they must ensure that they receive a copy of their receipt which will be required by the Zollamt.

Declaration at the Zollamt

If no purchases (less items for immediate consumption) have taken place, then there should be no requirement to report to the Zollamt. It is however acknowledged that regional variations may apply and a Zollamt may require that Veteran’s report monthly, regardless of whether purchases have been made or not. Any frictions with an individual Zollamt should be raised to the Veterans Clerk via the Group Mailbox This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.