Planned Maintenance/Downtime of Aral FuelCard for 2024.

Periodically, Aral must conduct maintenance on their Server which will lead to an interruption of functionality with the Aral FuelCard. This will take place between 0600-1300hrs on the following dates:

  • 25.02.2024
  • 09.06.2024
  • 01.09.2024
  • 17.11.2024

Please note: Aral Fuelcards should not be used during these periods and applications for refunds will be rejected.

Below is a step by step guide detailing how to apply for your new card.

  1. If you are applying for your ARAL card in advance, ensure that the vehicle registration number you have, or are given, will be accepted by the Vehicle Licencing Office (VLO) and will not need to change.
  2. Please be aware that once an application is made for a FuelCard, any previous card issued to the registration number on the application form will be cancelled and cannot be used.
  3. Visit the application form page and choose the form (car or motorcycle) you require. This will transfer you to the secure form page. Where it asks you for your unit admin office address, use the drop down menu to select your local NSE. This is where you currently register your car. This is the office that will issue you with your new card.
  4. You can include up to 6 Entitled family members (including yourself), that reside permanently with you in your Registered at Work Address (recorded Home address) on your application.  All named persons must have completed their European Highway Code (Matrix) Test
  5. Check the boxes on the second page of the application form to indicate that you understand the use of the Aral FuelCard and that all nominated drivers are Entitled.
  6. If you do not have access to a MODnet or internet computer, you will need to speak to your NSE who will arrange for access to a unit computer and provide assistance as necessary. You must apply for your FuelCard online. You must also have a personal email address to apply for a FuelCard - your MODnet address is perfectly acceptable as long as it ends in Aral require an email address from you so that they can contact you should they wish and so that you can log on to your Aral account where you can, amongst other things, check how much fuel you have used in any given month. Remember it is the card holder’s responsibility to ensure that the fuel card is in date. The expiry date can be checked via the card holder’s account
  7. It is your responsibility to confirm that you and the people you have listed as additional drivers are Entitled Persons. If you nominate anyone who is not entitled, you may incur a sanction. If in doubt, check with them before you include them in your application.
  8. When you collect your card from your local NSE office you will need to bring your ID card and Form 73(A) (vehicle registration card) with you. Payment of the administration charge for the card will need to be made at this point. If collecting from your nominated NSE you will need to bring your ID Card and Form 73 (Vehicle Registration Card); alternatively the card can be sent directly to your nominated civilian address (in Germany). Following receipt of your card you will be expected to pay the €50 service charge through your NSE within 28 days, or by Bank transfer (variations between NSEs). Details will be provided with your card if sent by post, or are available through the NSE.
  9. Your card is only for use at ARAL service stations on the station finder. Once you have refuelled, present your card to the cashier who will swipe it to generate your bill: this will be the cost of the fuel drawn less Mineral Oil Tax and Mwst. You then pay that tax-free amount. Keep your receipt, as it will tell you what your ration balance is after refuelling. You can also see your balance when you log on to your FuelCard account – the details will be emailed to you by ARAL.
  10. Should there be a problem with the Aral FuelCard there should be an error slip printed from the card reader which will give the reason for the refusal. This is required by ARAL to ensure reimbursement. If no error slip is produced you must try to get a written explanation from the cashier, stamped and signed. Complete the FuelCard Refusal Form from this website. The sooner you act on a refusal the easier it is for this office to get a result.