Planned Maintenance/Downtime of Aral FuelCard for 2024.

Periodically, Aral must conduct maintenance on their Server which will lead to an interruption of functionality with the Aral FuelCard. This will take place between 0600-1300hrs on the following dates:

  • 25.02.2024
  • 09.06.2024
  • 01.09.2024
  • 17.11.2024

Please note: Aral Fuelcards should not be used during these periods and applications for refunds will be rejected.

It has been suggested that there may be some fuel stations that have refused to allow entitled persons to use their Aral FuelCard. However, there is currently no evidence that any station owner whose station is on the stationfinder map has deliberately refused customers with the Aral FuelCard. ARAL have assured us that they do not permit this kind of behaviour, but we cannot work with them to eliminate such behaviour if we don’t have any evidence it is taking place. Should anyone experience a station owner whose station is on the stationfinder map refusing the card, please read to the bottom before you complete the Aral FuelCard Refusal form. 

If you find yourself in the position where your card has been rejected at one of the stations on the stationfinder map and you have had to pay the tax element, you can apply for a reimbursement. Remember, you can only apply for a reimbursement if the station you have used is on the stationfinder map.

As stated on the information letter each individual receives with their new card, refunds are declined when:

  • You have exceeded your monthly ration
  • You have used a Payback card in conjunction with the Aral card
  • You have purchased items other than fuel

Refunds are granted when:

  • System is down (unplanned)
  • Your card is damaged
  • Other error messages

Note: all fields of the form must be completed and an image of the receipt and the error slip or written explanation from the garage cashier (as a jpg) must be uploaded via the form. The image must clearly show all information of the transaction and the reason for the transaction error.  Common error readings are "Systemfehler", "Artikel nicht erlaubt", "Vorgang nicht möglich" "Karte Nicht Akzeptiert" or "Karte nicht Lesbar".

This information is required by the German Zollamt and a refund will not be given by ARAL unless this is supplied.

When will I get my refund?

All refund applications are forwarded to ARAL at the end of each month for action. ARAL will then take up to 10 days to process your application. 

Non-fuel transactions

Your Aral FuelCard is an electronic ration card for tax free fuel purchases and can only be used for transactions to pay for fuel. Should you wish to buy other things at the fuel station, such as chocolate bars and drinks then you must pay for these items separately because they are not linked to the Aral FuelCard.

If, after having read the above, you believe that you are able to apply for a reimbursement then please continue and you will be transferred to the form.

Remember – You will not be able to apply for a refund if your card was out of date at the time of purchase!

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