Isolated Detachment (ISODET) Information


Host Nation Dental Provision

All queries relating to Host Nation dental support from local civilian dentists are to be addressed to the following:

ISODET Support Officer
DMS Whittington
WS14 9PY 

Military Telphone: 94422 5122
Civilian Telephone: 0044 (0)1543 475122

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Provision of Dental Treatment to Personnel and Entitled Dependants in ISODETS.

Whilst overseas, Defence Dental Services dental centres should be used where available. In many ISODET locations this is not feasible and personnel are authorised to seek dental treatment from local civilian sources subject to MOD regulations. 


What sort of treatment do you need?

There are three types of treatment: Emergency, routine and non-routine treatment.


Emergency dental treatment is defined in 2017DIN01-081 and is classed as immediate and urgent treatment required for the relief of acute pain, arrest of haemorrhage or control of severe infection. Emergency treatment may be provided without prior approval from the Overseas Dental Support Team.


Routine dental treatment is defined in 2017DIN01-081 and includes the following procedures: examination, radiographs, scaling and associated hygienist therapy, non-surgical periodontal treatment, fissure sealants for children, non-surgical extractions, direct restorations (composite fillings, amalgam fillings), root canal fillings, repairs to dentures and local anaesthesia. These routine procedures may be provided without a requirement for prior approval from the Overseas Dental Support Team.

Adult patients should not normally require more than one dental examination and course of routine dental treatment every year. Child patients should not normally require more than one dental examination and course of routine dental treatment every six months.


Non-routine dental treatment is defined in 2017DIN01-081 and includes the following procedures: Any request for dental inspections (adults) and routine scaling and polishing at 6 monthly intervals, orthodontic treatment, surgical periodontal treatment, elective surgical extraction of third molars (wisdom teeth), other elective surgical procedures such as fraenectomies, veneers, indirect restorations (inlays and onlays), bridges, crowns, implant treatment, dentures, mouth guards, tooth whitening procedures and fissure sealants for adults. These non-routine procedures must not be undertaken without professional advice and authorisation from the Overseas Dental Support Team prior to the start of treatment.


What do I need to do?

If you require emergency or routine treatment and you are not within a reasonable travelling time from a DDS dental centre, you are entitled to make an appointment to see a local civilian dentist.

Please download a letter of introduction to take with you on your first visit to the dentist.

pdfISODET - Letter of Introduction - English version

pdfISODET - Letter of Introduction - German Version (Vorstellungsschreiben - Deutsch)

pdfISODET - Letter of Introduction - Dutch Version (Introductie brief - Nederlands)

pdfAnnex A - Application for Non-Routine Treatment

pdfAnnex B to 2019DIN01-161

pdfDental Fitness Certificate - ISODET Military Personnel


When you receive the bill, it does not require authorisation from DPHC Dental and can be paid and reclaimed via JPA or submitted to your local admin unit, or directly to the EJSU Cashier in SHAPE for payment if you are part of the EJSU organisation.  The contact details for the EJSU Cashier are:


EJSU Cashier
EJSU Cashier
Avenue d’Athens
7010 Mons

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Invoices for routine and emergency treatment do not require authority for payment or to reclaim, the prior approval documentation is to be used as the authority for invoices for non-routine treatment to be paid or reclaimed.


Please ensure that all invoices submitted for payment are accompanied by form Annex B to 2017DIN01-08, which is to be completed and signed by the patient or parent/guardian.


If your dentist is of the opinion that you require a course of non-routine dental treatment, then you must obtain prior approval from the Overseas Dental Support Team.

You should inform your dentist that a treatment plan with an estimate of the cost and diagnostic materials (moulds of your upper and lower jaw, x-rays and intra-oral and extra-oral colour photographs) will be required. These should be submitted to the Overseas Dental Support Team at the address below along with both a completed Annex B and a completed Annex A to 2017DIN01-081 form. Please note that the Annex A to 2017DIN01-081 also has a section which your dentist will be required to complete and sign.


Failure to submit complete documentation will result in considerable and unnecessary delay. This procedure does not seek to challenge the local civilian dentist’s professional integrity: dentists often need to provide external funding authorities with details of treatment proposals. This is standard practice and is generally met without question by dentists providing treatment to MOD personnel and their dependants world-wide. Treatment plans will be assessed by the Principal Dental Officer Overseas and will be returned with recommendations


Patient contributions for spouses and dependants

If you are not entitled to free dental treatment, you must pay a patient contribution towards the cost of the treatment. This patient contribution is identical to the NHS patient contribution you must pay when receiving treatment in the UK. There are three NHS charge bands, please see the NHS Website for details.


NHS Choices website - How much will I pay for NHS dental treatment?


Some patients may be exempt from having to pay a patient contribution. Please let us know on your Annex C form if you are exempt for any of the reasons listed. If you are reclaiming via JPA, please ensure that you deduct the appropriate charge from the claim total.


Further Information

If you have any questions or require any further assistance or advice it may be beneficial to speak to the Oveseas Dental Support Team before going to see the dentist or at any other time during your treatment. Please see below for contact details.



Overseas Dental Support Team
DPHC Overseas Region
Building 47, DMS Whittington Barracks
WS14 9PY


Tel Mil net: 94422 4281
Tel Civ net: 0044 153434281


E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.