Sennelager Firm Base location

Primary healthcare is delivered to Sennelager by Defence Primary Healthcare (Overseas) within the medical centre at Talbot barracks.

The majority of the primary and community care services are provided by DPHC in Sennelager Medical Centre.

Telephone: +49 (0)5254 982 2414

Other Germany locations

Primary healthcare is delivered to EJSU ISODETS by Defence Primary Healthcare (Overseas) through the Central European Practice (based in SHAPE) in partnership with the One HMG (Healix) contract.

SHAPE Medical Centre  +32 (0)65 44 5824

Hospital Care

Access to Secondary Healthcare services are facilitated through the One HMG Contract (Healix). Individual access will be arranged between the patients and the respective practices.

Additional care is sometimes provided in specialist hospitals, and in some instances, there is a clinical need to refer patients into the UK NHS.