Registering with your medical centre

Pre-arrival Screening

Individuals entitled to receive healthcare in Germany are required to undergo individual screening through the Global Sustainability Cell or families section prior to moving to Sennelager. Individual contractors are required to confirm their company’s individual health provision and screening.

Registering with One HMG

Following pre-screening entitled individuals are required to register with the One HMG contract. To do this they must first contact the medical centre who will issue them with a clearance code. Once the individual has the code, they are to complete the application form at Failure to register will mean that individuals and their dependants will not be able to access secondary healthcare.

Registering with Sennelager Medical Centre

On arrival to Sennelager, all personnel are required to register with the GEO for SOFA status. Everyone will be issued a SOFA status letter which shows their entitlement to healthcare. On receipt of this all personnel are to report to the medical centre to book in. This process consists of a written registration form and an arrival medical. This will allow the clinical staff to tailor your care to meet your needs.

Prior to receiving your SOFA status letter, you will still be able to access urgent care at the medical centre.

Registering with SHAPE Medical Centre and Host Nation GP in EJSU Locations

Serving Personnel

Registration forms will have been sent to you prior to your arrival.  If not please call SHAPE Medical Centre on +32 (0)65 44 5824. Your electronic medical record should be available instantly, although it may take some time for your paper medical records to be sent from your previous unit.

Dependants and entitled civilian patients

Each member of the family (excluding serving members) needs to be registered before making any appointments.  You should have received emails with registration forms and information before your arrival If not, please call SHAPE Medical Centre on +32 (0)65 44 5824.

Keeping Your Contact Details Up To Date

Medical Centre staff may need to contact you for a variety of reasons. For example:

  • to let you know about test results
  • to ask you to make an appointment
  • to change an appointment for yourself or a family member

If your landline, mobile or work telephone number or email address has changed since your last visit, please let Medical Centre reception staff know.