You will need the following forms:

pdfBFG Form NoVA 1 Application

pdfForm 4003

DVLA Application V55/5


  1. Apply for a NoVA 1 by completing the NoVA application form. Applications can be submitted up to 28 days before registration with the DVLA is required. Send the application to C&I, Catterick Bks, BFPO 39

    NB. The date requested on the NoVA application form should be the date of registration NOT the date you are travelling. Avoid selecting weekends and periods of Stand Down as you will be unable to complete the registration on that date.

  2. Vehicles must have a valid BFG registration. If not, you must complete the process for renewal.

  3. Up to 14 days before the Registration date customers must attend a BFG Office with the following documents.
    • NoVA 1
    • v55/5 (pages 1 and 2)
    • BFG Form 73
    • Form of ID (driving licence plus one other)
    • Vehicles over 3 years old - Roadworthiness must have 14 days or more on date of DVLA registration
    • Proof of UK address for V5 Document
    • CoC - for vehicles registered in BFG by Allocation Certificate a Certificate of Conformity
    • Valid UK Insurance Certificate or Cover Note
    • VLO Charge/No Charge Certificate

  4. The BFG Clerk will check all the documents and forward to the VLO. Please ensure you have either a contact telephone number and/or email.
    IMPORTANT: Please be aware that from this point forward the UK Registration Process cannot be cancelled despite any subsequent changes of circumstance.

  5. From this point forward the VLO will contact you directly with details of your appointment date, collection point and cost of any fees due.

  6. On the date of registration you must first pay any duty due (Registration Fee). Payment should be made in cash and will be at the GAR. You will be given a receipt/proof of payment which will need to be produced at your appointment.

  7. Please direct any queries to your BFG Office or LVLO.

  8. In order to be issued with a BFG NoVA your vehicle must be in BFG on your nominated UK registration date. A physical check of your vehicle will take place on collection of your UK registration documentation at your local LVLO.

  9. Once you have UK registered your vehicle, you should complete the BFG de-registration process immediately thereafter. To do this, simply complete Form 4003 and submit along with your BFG Form73 (your registration document), your Aral FuelCard and your BFG Registration plates (if applicable) to your LVLO when you are collecting your DVLA paperwork.

  10. Once you have UK registered your vehicle you are no longer permitted to use your Aral FuelCard. The use of your Aral FuelCard after the vehicle's UK registration date is a contravention of Standing Orders and would result in a sanction.

Note: VLO charges may apply.


Swapping your current vehicle for new vehicle

Personnel selling their current vehicle and buying a new one should follow the process outlined in Returning a vehicle to the UK for the current vehicle, followed by the Initial Registration process for the new vehicle.

If you know your new vehicle's details, then you can complete your application for an Import Licence (BFG Form 60) before you depart BFG to collect your new car.


Important Conditions on VLO Import and Export of vehicles

Many BFG members take advantage of living in Germany under the Status of Forces Agreement and purchase motor vehicles free of VAT and import duty. There are however, conditions attached to qualifying for VAT and duty relief. Every member of the force who has a driving licence may take one New Means of Transport (motor vehicle) per year to the UK whilst a permanent member of BFG, as long as that vehicle has accumulated 12 months of BFG registration.

If registration lapses (say for non-payment of insurance premium), the unregistered period is added on to the 12 months for taxation purposes. Do not get caught out and allow your insurance to lapse. If you do, you will have to keep your vehicle longer or be required to pay the VAT due on it.

If you are posted back to the UK permanently, you and each qualifying member of your family may take a tax free under one year old vehicle back with you. Tax will not be due on it, provided you keep possession of it until 12 months have elapsed since the initial BFG registration. If you sell it before the year point, you will be liable to pay VAT.