Aral FuelCard Online Application Forms

If you are applying for your ARAL card in advance, ensure that the vehicle registration number you have, or are given, will be accepted by the vehicle licencing office (VLO) and will not need to change.

Once an application is made for a FuelCard, any previous card issued to the registration number on the application form will be cancelled and cannot be used.

If in doubt ask your local office first.

Please read the Application Guide before completing the form. From the 1st Jan 2018 a one off administration fee of €50 will be introduced for all new Aral FuelCards.

Excerpt: FSO(G) 1001, Section 8

Aral Fuel Cards are not to be used for any purpose other than that for which they are issued. Cards are not to be used, and will be blocked for vehicles where the GEO VLO vehicle registration is not in date or where the vehicle does not have a valid roadworthiness or light test inspection, or if the vehicle owner no longer has authorised SOFA Status. Only persons named persons recorded on the card, with authorised SOFA Status, may purchase fuel using the card from Aral Service Stations. The Aral Fuel Card is not transferrable and may be only used on behalf of the specific vehicle on the card. The ration will be cancelled on de-registration/disposal of the vehicle. Aral Fuel Cards are not to be used in the pursuance of any business venture, nor are they to be used as a means of accessing any other Tax-Free goods or services; they are to be used to access Tax-Free fuel for private motoring only. Card holders are to ensure that their name appears on the card allocated to that vehicle and that they are in possession of a valid Service or a Force ID card when purchasing fuel. The improper use of GEO issued, Aral Fuel Cards will result in the withdrawal of the appropriate SOFA privileges and in addition may result in administrative sanctions or disciplinary action.

It is the card holder’s responsibility to ensure that the card is in date before use, there will be no refunds for out of date cards.

Clicking on one of the links below will transfer you to the relevant form.

Aral FuelCard Application - Car

Aral FuelCard Application - Motorcycle


Fuelcard Refusal Form

If your card has been rejected at one of the stations on the stationfinder map you can apply to be reimbursed.

Please fill in the online refusal form ensuring all sections are completed.