LEC HR will:

  • Strive to provide employment opportunities for all those seeking work.
  • Have a coordinated advertising, recruitment and training regime for locally engaged staff.
  • Enhance learning and development opportunities for those wishing to improve their skill base or maintain professional currency in order to ensure that the right person is in the right job as early as possible.

Family members posted to Germany, have a number of concerns regarding employment. For some, the concern is the potential loss of a second income through lack of employment opportunities whilst for others it is the unwanted and forced career break, which could, in extreme cases, jeopardise the currency of professional qualifications. The result is that people who are qualified, experienced and willing to work fail to find appropriate work whilst too many jobs, many providing support in key community services, are left vacant or suffer from excessive turnover of staff due to incorrect matching.

Increasing the uptake of available jobs and matching the right people to a job, whilst supporting those seeking employment is only possible if people are aware of the opportunities that exist, and if employment services are aware of when and where family members with useful skills will be available for work.

If you are looking for work as a Dependant, please register with your local LEC HR department.

The LEC HR department, working on behalf of UK MOD in Germany is fully committed to providing a working environment that is free from abuse and harm. We actively promote a free and safe culture, promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable persons within all of our work environments by clearly identifying and communicating the roles and responsibilities within the organisation and engaging with children, vulnerable persons and staff, in policy and practice development. Furthermore, we proactively encourage feedback and apply a zero tolerance to any form of abuse and harm.