The following points will hopefully assist you in preparing to look for work in Germany as a family member.

Once you arrive you will of course have your hands full setting up your new home, arranging schooling for the children and registering at the local medical centre etc.

If you are going to be looking for work then there are a few options open to you. The main employers of civilians are the LEC HR department (this also includes schools), and NAAFI. This platform deals only with LEC HR vacancies and conditions of service which also includes non teaching school positions.

In order to look at current vacancies simply click DEP Employment Vacancies in the Employment menu, followed by the relevant area in which you will be living.

The following documents will without doubt assist you greatly when you register for employment with your local GEO LEC HR department:

  • Passport.
  • ID Card or Temporary ID.
  • Birth and Marriage certificate.
  • National Insurance Number.
  • Previous Service Record (copies of any prior contracts with us or End of Service certificates (form 126) would be useful.
  • A current CV.
  • Any references.

You can download the Registration Form from the Forms Central page. This should be completed and submitted before applying for a job.

The following documents are essential if you obtain employment with the LEC HR department:

  • Passport.
  • ID Card or Temporary ID Card.
  • Birth and Marriage certificates.

All new employees are required to sign the Official Secrets Act and depending on the type of work gained, some form of security vetting will take place. To this end it is advisable to take along a list of places of residence and employment over the last 5 years. This information should include full dates and addresses.