A Guide to Completing Your Registration & Application Form

If you would like to register for work or apply for a particular vacancy then you will usually only need to complete the Registration Form (Part 1) once, but an Application form will be needed for each position you apply for.

You will find a detailed guide on completing both forms below.  

1. General

As an Employer the LEC HR is legally required under the anti discrimination law to make sure each candidate is treated equally. This is taken very seriously and although we need your date of birth and head of family details for identification and postal reasons for example, it is essential that these will not be visible to line management at the filter or final interview stage. For this reason the Registration and Application form is divided into 2 parts (1 & 2).

Part 1, need only be completed once. Aside from the reasons already mentioned above, it is also used to satisfy current Government Legislation on the checking of references and is aimed to speed up the recruitment process. Part 2, is your individual job application for a particular vacancy. Therefore, for each and every post you wish to apply for, a separate Part 2 application is required. This may be completed in writing or by emailing the form. Email applicants will be required to sign the declaration on page 3 of the Registration Form prior to participation in an employment interview.You should be aware that the questions on the application form are for employment purposes only and may be asked again separately for security purposes.

The job application form (Part 2) plays an important part in the selection process, both in deciding whether or not you will be short listed for an interview, and as the basis for the interview itself. The following advice is designed to help you to complete the application form as effectively as possible. This is the first impression you will be giving of yourself so please take time to complete the form fully, accurately and in a professional manner.

2. Vetting & DBS Checks

If you are selected for a particular vacancy you will be asked to complete security vetting forms. The types of form will depend on the level of security clearance required for the position. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks are required for those who will be working with children.

Please be aware that the security clearance is an MOD requirement and is a prerequisite for employment. Clearance can take between 2 - 6 weeks and in some cases even longer. Your SU will give as much assistance as possible in completing the forms and will submit them on your behalf. Security clearances are however outside their control.

3. Read the application form!

Read the form through before you complete it fully, providing relevant information about your experience, relating to the role which you are applying for and making sure your evidence meets the criteria. Please be aware that CVs are not required and will not be accepted in place of, nor in addition to, the registration/application form.

3. Job Description

Firstly, read the job description, as this will give you more details about what the job involves and what knowledge, skills, experience and abilities are required to fulfil the role. Ask yourself why you are interested in the job. Do you have similar or relevant experience? Why do you think you can do the job? Understanding what the role involves and the essential criteria required will help you in completing your application. Be aware that it is purely on the information you supply that shortlisting and any subsequent invitation to interview will be based.

5. Employment history

Write your career history, do not go into too much detail but make sure that you explain the main feature of your job. Explaining your present and/or previous jobs to someone else may uncover skills that you take for granted. Put full dates and check their accuracy. You can provide additional information about your knowledge, skills experience and abilities in the “additional information” section.

6. Additional Information in Support of your application

This is one of the most important sections of the application form. Focus your application towards the specific job you are applying for and do not simply repeat your career history. What evidence have you got, that you have the necessary skill, knowledge and experience? Consider any relevant experience you have outside work, for example community or voluntary work or leisure interests. Always remember to relate your own experience to the requirements of the role, demonstrate that you understand the role and provide evidence that you have the required knowledge, skills and experience to carry out the role successfully. 

7. Referees

We require a minimum of 3 referees, one of which must be from your most recent employer, and cover your continual history over the last 3 years. Please be aware that family and friends are not acceptable as referees. Upon completion of your application and where possible, we will contact referees by email to speed up the process so please ensure that you provide full contact details including email, address and phone number where available.

It may help if you contact the referees yourself to explain that they will be receiving a reference request from the British Forces in Germany and to ask if they could reply as early as possible!

8. Submitting your application

Submit Part 1 of your application as soon as possible, as this will enable us to include you on our distribution list and inform you of our vacancies on a regular basis. Once your application (Part 2 of the form) has been received you will receive (where possible) notification from us by email. A separate Part 2 of the application form must be completed and submitted to the relevant recruitment office for each and every vacancy for which you wish to be considered.

If you would like to apply via email, each Part 2 application form must be sent in a separate email.

IMPORTANT: Please ensure you only attach ONE Part 2 application form per email.

9. Shortlisting

If you are selected for an interview, you will be notified via email, telephone or by post usually within 4 weeks of the closing date. Please ensure you regularly check your email “Inbox” following your application. If your application was not successful we will also notify you of this decision.

10. Interview

Interviews will normally be held within 4 weeks of the closing date. You will be required to bring with you evidence of your identity and right to work as a Dependant employee and your qualification certificates. Please ensure that you know where the interview is to be held and arrive in plenty of time. If there are any special arrangements needed for you to attend the interview please ensure that you contact us as soon as possible so that suitable arrangements can be made. If you decide to withdraw your application at any point or you will not be attending your interview please let us know in advance in order that we are able to ensure our Staffs’ time is not wasted. Following your interview you will be contacted as soon as possible by the Recruiter who will inform you of the outcome .

11. Pre-employment checks

All candidates who are successful at interview and offered employment will be required to undergo a series of employment checks. These will always include verification of identity and the right to work with the British Forces in Germany , including confirmation of your employment history and including references covering a minimum 5 year continuous period, and where appropriate verification of registration and relevant qualifications and satisfactory Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) clearance. Where a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) disclosure is a requirement of the employ this will always be stated in the advert. Employment checks will normally take between 2 and 6 weeks (but can take longer) depending on the type of checks required.

12. Important notes:

LEC HR will hold the information provided in this registration form in accordance with the Employment Practices data Protection Code part 1, Recruitment and Selection of the Data Protection Act 1998. By providing the information contained in this form, you are consenting to its use for the purpose of processing your registration, or any future application for employment (see - important note 3 below). The information provided by the form will be used as part of our selection process. It will be retained for a period after the selection process has been completed.

  1. This registration will automatically lapse after 6 months. Should you still be without employment after this period and wish to remain registered, you are obliged to re-register.
  2. Eligibility for employment is in accordance with the NATO Status of the Forces Agreement, and Employment of Dependants is governed by SI 6200.
  3. Only those who apply for a particular post as a result of advertising may be considered for employment.
  4. All applicants will be considered for an interview, and will undergo 'pre-selection procedures'.
  5. If successful through our recruitment process you will need to provide us with your local German bank details, to ensure your salary is credited to your account.
  6. Should you obtain employment with a different agency, you are requested to inform the LEC HR. Once employment has been obtained, your Application/Registration form will be removed from the waiting register.
  7. If you are planning to be out of station for longer than 7 days, you are requested to inform the LEC HR to ensure that a 'non-reply' is not interpreted as a 'non-interest'.
  8. Applicants wishing to be considered for clerical posts where WP/typing skills/languages are a requirement maybe requested to participate in a related assessment.
  9. You must be aware that upon loss of Dependant status, or change in personal circumstances in accordance with SI 6200 - your employment will cease; as further employment in the same position as a DEL will not be automatically authorised.

Please check that you have completed all relevant sections of the registration and application forms before handing them in.