DEP Registration Form - Part 1

DEP Application Form - Part 2

Applicants sending in their Registration Form (Part 1) by email will be required to sign the declaration on page 3 prior to participation in an employment interview.

If you would like to apply via email, each Part 2 application form must be sent in a separate email. IMPORTANT: Please ensure you only attach ONE Part 2 application form per email.

For help with completing these forms please contact LEC HR

If you choose to open the form either in your Browser or in the default viewer for your system (ie. Preview on the Mac) it may not be possible to fill in the form or save a completed form. Even if you are able to save the form using your system viewer, this form may not be readable in Adobe Acrobat (it will appear to be blank!)

Please save then open these forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure the forms can be completed successfully. Once completed save a copy for your records.