This card, which applies to those employees (DEL) working under German Social and Labour Laws, is not legally binding. Employees are advised to refer to the CTA II.

Probation Period

All employments - 3 Months. During the probationary period, written notice of termination may be given by either party with a notice period of 2 weeks to the end of calendar month.

Notice Period

On completion of probationary period 4 weeks to the end of the calendar month by employee or employer. Employment over six months, the employer must give 2 months notice to the end of the calendar rising to 7 months depending on period of employment.


Paid monthly - last working day.

Attendance Record (Form 24)

Your signature on the monthly attendance record confirms its correctness. The form must also be signed by your Line Manager.

Pay Statements

You will receive a pay statement at the end of each month. It will detail regular earnings for that month. Overtime and other irregular allowances will be paid at the end of the following month.

Group Insurance

(Occupational Pension Scheme)
You will be party to a non-contributory insurance scheme (Ergo Insurance). The scheme is designed to provide a one-time payment on retirement. The scheme also provides for one off payments to next of kin on death of employee. Depending on circumstances payments may be made to those leaving prior to retirement age where a minimum 5 years service exists. It is however pointed out that there may be a requirement to pay tax on Social Insurance Contributions

Capital Accumulation Benefits

You are entitled to non-contributory capital accumulation benefits to the amount of €30.00 per month, which is credited to a recognised saving scheme of your choice. It should be noted that the amount may be reduced in the case of PT employees

Increments in pay - General Guide

C’ Tariff Salaried Employees:

  • Step 1 on commencement.
  • Step 2 for next 2 to 6 months.
  • Step 3 for next 9 months.
  • Steps 4 - 6 for next 24 months each.
  • Step 7 for next 36 months prior to reaching final step.

Shift Allowance

Dependent upon start time and shift roster a shift allowance may be payable.

Sunday/Public Holiday Working

Sunday: 25% Supplement provided workfree day given within the same, preceding or following working week, otherwise 50% Supplement.

Public Holiday: 50% Supplement provided workfree day given within the same, preceding or following working week, otherwise 100% Supplement.

Night Work

Dependent upon tariff, between 2100 and 0600 hrs - 25% supplement is applicable.


  • Weekdays: Basic + 25% supplement. If Time off in Lieu (TOIL) 25% only. In both cases 25% supplement is paid for the first 5 hours in a week, thereafter the supplement will rise to 30%
  • Sunday: Basic + 25% + 50%. Sunday Supplement. If TOIL 25% + 50% only.
  • Public Holiday: Basic + 25% + 100% Supplement. If TOIL 25% + 100% only.

Part Time Work

A request for part time work will be considered in accordance with current legal provisions.

Bonuses - General Guide


2% of previous 12 months reckonable earnings. Paid on 31 May to those who have completed their probation period and are in employment on last day of following month.


6.34% of previous 12 months reckonable earnings. Paid on 30 Nov to those who have completed their probation period and are in employment on last day of following month.



30 days (Jan – Dec) – five day workers. 36 days for six day workers. (Those working less than 5 days; consult local LEC HR office).


5 days per year dependent upon meeting Federal State provisions.

Special Paid (Compassionate)

Up to a max of 3 days dependent upon circumstances. Consult local LEC HR office. A doctor's certificate may be required.

Carry Forward of Leave

May be only be carried forward where urgent operational or personal reasons (long term sickness etc) prevent leave being taken by 31 Dec. To be commenced by 31 Mar on approval of LEC HR.

Unfitness for Work/Absence

You must inform your Line Manager by telephone as soon as possible on the first day of absence. If the absence is due to unfitness for work you may be required to obtain a certificate from a doctor. Please consult your LEC HR office regarding conditions and time frames. Certificates must be submitted without delay. Failure to do so could result in lost salary or wages.

Unfitness for Work Payments

Provided the correct procedures have been followed, the payment of wages will continue for 6 weeks (12 weeks for work related illness/accident). After that time your pay will be replaced by payments from the Krankenkasse.

Detached Duty from Normal Place of Work

Travel and Subsistence

Kilometre Allowance

If military transport is not available, and the use of private car is authorised then the following Kilometre Allowance will be granted for essential authorised duty travel:
Own Car € 0.30 per km
Own Motorbike € 0.13 per km
Passengers who also have a right to official transport: € 0.02 per km

Day Allowance - Several Days
Duty Travel

Full day - € 24.
Minimum absence of 8 hours – € 12
Minimum absence of 12 hours – €24

Day Allowance - One Day
Duty Travel

Minimum absence of 8 hrs - € 8.
Minimum absence of 12 hrs - € 14.

If food is provided free the above amounts are reduced:
Breakfast by 15%
Lunch by 30% and
Evening Meal also by 30%.

Supplements to the day allowance may be payable for overseas travel or for travel with senior management – contact LEC HR for details.

Overnight Accommodation required during duty travel
All employees – € 17 each stay if payment made for accommodation.

Proven hotel costs exceeding this rate will be paid in full (includes the above € 17).
If accommodation provided free, overnight allowance is not payable.
If mess bills show amount for accommodation € 17 is paid.
Other charges may be claimed upon production of receipts.

Time Limit for Claims:

  • Incorrect computation of earnings - 6 months.
  • Other claims including travel and subsistence - 6 months
  • No claims will be admissible 3 months after termination of employment


You will be expected to comply with security checks and restrictions in force at your place of work. From time to time you may be required to supply personal details for checking.

Application for Other Posts

You are entitled to apply for other posts as and when they are advertised. If your current post is under threat or if you are under notice due to the deletion of a post or posts, then you will be given priority for posts, which are suitable.

Social Selection

In the event of a reduction in the workforce in the Agency, you may be included in a social selection plan to select the least protected personnel in that Agency. Employees over 21 with a minimum of 2 years service who are made redundant may be entitled to redundancy payments.

Income Protection

In the event that social selection forces you into a lower graded employment or if an industrial accident diminishes your efficiency then income protection may be granted.

Complaints or Grievances

If you have any complaints or grievances you should first attempt to resolve them with your Line Manager. If this approach fails to solve the problem, then you should seek advice from the LEC HR department or from the Unit Works Council. In all cases where you have a complaint or grievance or if the complaint or grievance is against yourself you may ask the Unit Works Council for advice and/or for them to accompany you during any interview.