Probation Period

All Employments – 9 months

Probation periods may be extended due to sickness, special leave etc. A new probation period is to be observed where an employee transfers to another post on promotion or a break in service.

Notice Period

A dependant employee is normally required to give at least 8 weeks notice.
The notice period during the probation period for both parties is 14 days.

GSO LEC HR will be required to give 2 months notice to the end of a calendar month to those who have been in employment for longer than 6 month's. The notice period will increase further after 4 completed years of service. For more information contact your local LEC HR department. A Form 126 (termination certificate) will be issued at the end of an employment relationship.

On promotion within the same agency 21 days notice will apply. This may reduce further with agreement of LEC HR and Line Manager.


Normally paid monthly. An employee commencing in a given month will receive payment at the end of that same month, provided all details are held by GSO LEC HR by the pay processing date. This will normally be around the 22nd each month.

Those employed on "As and When" or supply type contracts will receive payment in the following month, once the hours are known.

Stakeholder Pensions

An addition to dependant salaries is made for 'top-up' pension purposes.

National Insurance

NI is applicable and payment is dependent upon the General Accounting Rate (GAR). Earnings below the threshold limit NI are not applicable. Earnings above is at 12%. On earnings above the Upper Earnings Limit (UEL) an additional 1% is paid. For Current Rates visit Web Site Pay Advice Page – NI Rates.

Attendance Records – Form 24

This form provides attendance data which effects the payment of your salary/wage. The completion is the responsibility of the employee and is countersigned as agreed by Unit Line Manager.

Increments in Pay

‘C’ Tariff Salaried Employees:

  • Step 1 on commencement for 3 months
  • Step 2 for next 6 months
  • Step 3 for next 9 months
  • Step 4 - 7 for next 24 months
  • Final Step (Step 8) after 3 years in Step 7

LSA Grades: There is incremental progression. However, this differs from the C tariff above in that it has 4 incremental steps, each at 12 months. Your local LEC HR departmet can advise.

Shift Allowance

Those required to carry out regular shift work may be entitled to a shift allowance. The GSO LEC HR Department can advise further.

Sunday/Public Holiday Working

Sunday: 25% Supplement provided workfree day given within the same, preceding or following working week. Public Holiday: 50% Supplement provided workfree day given within the same, preceding or following working week, otherwise 100% Supplement.

Night Work

Between 2100 and 0600 Basic Salary + 25%.


  • Weekdays: Basic + 25%. If Time off in Lieu (TOIL) 25% supplement only.
  • Sunday: Basic + 25% + 50% Sunday Supplement. If TOIL 25% + 50% only.
  • Public Holiday: Basic + 25% + 100% Supplement. If TOIL 25% + 100% only.


Dependant employees may wish to take part in the appraisal scheme. Further details can be obtained from your LEC HR department. Appraisals are voluntary!


Annual– 30 days (Jan – Dec) – five day workers. 36 days for six day workers. (Those working less than 5 days; consult local LEC HR department).

The cash value of any leave taken over entitlement at termination of employment must be refunded to the Department.

Educational Leave – After 6 months service 5 days per year dependent upon meeting provisions.


Admissible once annual leave is exhausted on compassionate grounds where travel outside Germany is necessary. Unpaid leave for other reasons may be approved on a case by case basis with the agreement of LEC HR and the Line Manager.

Special Paid (Compassionate)

Up to a max of 3 days dependent upon circumstances. Consult local LEC HR department.

Carry Forward

Up to max of one week may be permitted only where urgent operational or personal reasons such as sickness prevent leave being taken by 31 Dec. To be commenced by 31 Mar on approval of LEC HR.

Occupational Sick Leave (OSP)

Paid sick leave is limited in any rolling 12-month period to 10 working weeks provided sickness is certified (see below).

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)

Up to 28 weeks is admissible provided provisions are met.


Self-Certified Sickness up to first 7 calendar days of sickness is admissible. Thereafter a doctor's ‘fit note’ certificate is required. LM to be informed on first day of sickness. LEC HR may insist on a Doctors certificate for all sickness depending on the circumstances. Doctors fit note certificates may only be backdated for two days.

Maternity Leave

Ordinary Maternity Leave is 26 weeks with 26 weeks Additional Maternity Leave. Statutory Maternity Pay is payable if conditions satisfy the UK Statutory Requirements.

Adoptive/Paternity Leave

Adoptive leave and Paternity leave is allowed provided conditions are met. Payment/conditions as per UK statutory regulations.

Parental Leave

Unpaid Parental leave may be granted if UK statutory conditions are met.

Flexible Working

Provided criteria is met an employee may request to work flexible timings. Applications to UCLO/LM to be authorised by LEC HR.



2% of previous 12 months reckonable earnings. Paid on 31 May. On 30 Apr must have been in continuous employment since the 01 Jan. Please note: Learning Support Assistant (LSA grades in schools) are excluded.


6.34% of previous 12 months reckonable earnings. Paid on 30 Nov. On 30 Oct must have been in continuous employment since the 01 Jul. Please note: Learning Support Assistant (LSA grades in schools) are excluded.


Must have completed 2 years continuous service. 1/3 months pay per year of service. Payment may take up to 2 months to process.

Detached Duty from Normal Place of Work

Travel and Subsistence

Motor Mileage Allowance (MMA)

Supplements to the day allowance may be payable for overseas travel – contact LEC HR for details.

Time Limit For Claims

  • Incorrect computation of earnings - 12 months.
  • Other claims including travel and subsistence - 6 months.
  • No claims will be admissible 3 months after termination of employment.


See FSI(G) 8002, Section 1, Sub Section 10.