Separate tables can be found below for motor mileage/KM rates. The subsistence amounts apply to both DEL and Dependant employees.

You can download the forms required from Employment - Forms Central. They must be signed off by both the employee and Line Manager. There is also a guidance document to help you fill in the form.

Please note that travel claims for DEL and Dependant employees are to be forwarded to the LEC HR department once they have been authorised by Line Management.

Remember that travel claims must be submitted within six months after the duty has been performed.

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Dependant Motor Mileage Rates

  Motor Vehicles - Duty Free Fuel Motor Vehicles - Duty Paid Fuel
(Note: This will only be paid if specific authority given!)
Private Travel Rate (this is the normal rate paid) € 0.23 per mile € 0.31 per mile

Standard Rate

Specific advice and authority must be given by LEC HR

€ 0.56 per mile € 0.72 per mile
Passengers For the first passenger € 0.03 per mile
  For the second and subsequent passengers € 0.02 per mile

The higher standard rate for Dependants can only be paid if a certificate from the unit is attached which states that official transport could not be provided. The higher standard rate is not paid for courses! The standard rate can only be paid for the first 10,000 miles in a tax year - mileage over this limit must be paid at the private travel rate.


DEL Kilometer Rates

Car € 0.30 per km
Motorbike € 0.13 per km
For each passenger € 0.02 per km


DEL & DEP Subsistence Rates

Day allowance - Several days duty travel

For full days € 24 per day for travel
For the day of commencement
and the day of termination of the duty travel
€ 12 when minimum absence is 8 hours € 24 when minimum
absence is 12 hours
Day allowance - One Day Duty Travel € 8 when minimum absence is 8 hours € 14 when minimum
absence is 12 hours
When free food is provided by the forces, the day allowance has to be reduced as follows For breakfast
by 15%
For lunch by 30%
For dinner by 30%
of the € 24 allowance or
of the € 14 for one day travel
Night Allowance € 17 per night Hotel bills - actuals are paid

Important considerations

Travel claims more than six months old are no longer valid. LEC HR may make an exception here in cases where the employee was unable to submit the claim on time due to a prolonged sickness etc.

Do make sure that the EKZ/WPN, P. Number and Post ID are entered on the travel claim form.

Only original bills will be accepted!