Without doubt you will have many things going though your mind when preparing to move back to the UK. If you are employed through a Labour Support Unit (LSU) here are a few points that may assist and help you to plan ahead.

Notice Period

As you have a legally binding employment contract you must hand in a letter of resignation to your local LSU. They will then in turn be able to help you by completing all the necessary documentation you will need for the UK. Please remember that you have a notice period, the length of which will depend on your period of service.

If you do not keep to your notice period you may lose your entitlement to a gratuity!

For this reason do contact your LSU as soon as your posting date is known and they will advise further. Exceptions can be made here in the case of a short notice posting for example (copy of posting order required by LSU). Distress and health problems may also enable you to shorten your notice period.


The right documents

The LSU will issue you with a document called a BFG Form 126. This certificate confirms your period of employment with the British Forces and also states your reason for leaving work. Do keep hold of this certificate in case you return to Germany at a later date. It also may assist when you visit your local benefits office in the UK.


Registering in the UK

Although you can make an on line claim initially, you will need to visit your local Job Centre Plus office as soon as possible on arrival in the UK (an appointment will need to be arranged) as this will affect your benefit entitlement, should you wish to claim job seekers allowance. If the head of family is posted then this will be stated on your BFG Form 126. It makes it clear that you have not left your job at your own request but have returned to the UK due to the posting of the head of family.

On line Job Seekers allowance Information (Gov.UK): www.gov.uk/jobseekers-allowance

LEC Support Services general information on returning to the UK for those employed by the Local Labour Support Unit (LSU): pdfA Brief Guide Dependants Returning to the United Kingdom - Job Seekers Allowance


Obtaining a Good Conduct Certificate on returning to the UK

If you have been living and working in the Service community overseas in the past five years or more then the two Disclosure Offices in the UK will hold no relevant information on your criminal status in Germany.

In order to provide a future employer or university/college with information relating to your period of residency in Germany then you can apply for a Good Conduct Certificate.


Pay Slips

You should keep your last pay slips and present them to the benefits office as the last one will show your national insurance payments made. This is important when claiming benefits.


Forwarding Address

It is also very important to give your LSU a forwarding address and state if you wish your last payment to be made to your German bank account or an account in the UK.


Top Ten Tips

HQ BFG LEC Support Services has published a Top Ten Tips list for your reference.