If you choose to open the form either in your Browser or in the default viewer for your system (ie. Preview on the Mac) it may not be possible to fill in the form or save a completed form. Even if you are able to save the form using your system viewer, this form may not be readable in Adobe Acrobat (it will appear to be blank!)

Please save then open these forms in Adobe Acrobat Reader to ensure the forms can be completed successfully. Once complete save a copy for your records.

Get Adobe Reader

If you need any help with completing these forms please contact your LSU. 

Registration & Application Forms - Windows/Mac/iPad

pdfRegistration Form (Part 1)

pdfApplication Form (Part 2)

Save the form to your computer. After you have completed a form please select your LSU from the dropdown on the form. Your LSU address and email will be shown. You can either print the form and send it to your LSU, or email by selecting the 'Send by Email' button. For Windows and Mac operating systems, your default email client will create a new email with the form attached, ready for you to send. On iPad clicking this button will show instructions on how to send the email.


Registration & Application Forms - Android/Other

pdfRegistration Form (Part 1) - basic version

pdfApplication Form (Part 2) - basic version

Use these forms if you are using an Android device or are having problems with the forms above.  

For Android devices - choose to open the form in Adobe Reader. Once the form is complete, and if you wish to email the form to your LSU, select and copy the email address of your LSU. Next click on the Share icon at the bottom of the screen and choose Share. Choose your email client and a new draft email will be created with the form attached. Paste the email address you copied into the To field and send.


Applicants sending in their Registration Form (Part 1) by email will be required to sign the declaration on page 3 prior to participation in an employment interview.